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Shopee, Huawei and Singapore Airlines among top brands Malaysians recommend to family and friends: Study

Malaysians are raving about an online shopping brand more than any car, phone or aeroplane brand.
Don't ignore this useful symbol on your beauty products.

27 objects and photos that have hidden signs or symbols

From Amazon to your computer's power button, these objects, brands, and photos have hidden symbols, surprising origins, or lesser-known meanings.
The U.S. celebrates a National Coffee Day on September 29.

10 fake holidays that were actually invented by brands

Many of our favorite holidays were invented by brands to pad sales. There is no official body that approves holidays in the United States (Congress can only set federal holidays), which is why there are so many of them.

Amazon is reportedly testing a new feature to convince shoppers to buy its own brands

Amazon is doing what it can to highlight its own brands, even as customers are searching for name brands, by putting itself front and center, according to a report in CNBC.
Wells Fargo was fined millions in 2016 for illegally opening unauthorized accounts in consumers' names.

7 times customers turned on the companies they once loved

Companies depend on loyal customers to keep their cash flowing and businesses thriving. But it can often take only one incident to turn companies’ most dedicated fans against them, costing them millions. Here are 10 companies that found themselves in a scandal that moved customers to turn on them.

Brands are direct-messaging 13-year-olds on Instagram to pay them $5 or $10 at a time to promote products without a contract

Retail brands are allowing teenagers and pre-teens to get in on the influencer game. According to a report in the Atlantic, teens often make between $5 and $20 for posting sponsored content from small startup brands.
Gen Zs have ditched Abercrombie for Nike.

17 brands millennials loved that ‘kids these days’ avoid

Today's teens aren't what they were in the 1990s and 2000s. Millennials loved Abercrombie and Facebook, but Gen Zs tend to wear fast fashion and athleisure. And they've dumped Facebook for Snapchat and Instagram.

Ivanka Trump’s fashion company is shutting down. Here’s the full story of the first daughter’s business from its founding to the end...

Ivanka Trump's fashion company announced on Tuesday that it would be shuttering its business. Trump first started out in the fashion business in 2007.

Pro-LGBTQ-rights consumers vow to boycott Chick-fil-A after it announces it’s opening in Toronto — here’s why the fast-food chain is...

This week, Chick-fil-A announced that it will open more than a dozen Toronto locations, but some residents weren't too pleased. The fast-food chain has a long, contentious relationship with the LGBT+ community, since it has donated millions to groups that work against gay rights.