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Hunter, Missoni, and Lilly Pulitzer are back at Target this weekend.

Fans are celebrating the relaunch of 20 of Target’s coveted limited collections, including collaborations with Lilly Pulitzer, Hunter, and Misso...

Check out what's going on at Target now, and to see a full list of the brand collaborations that the big box retailer is resurrecting this weekend.

10 companies you’ve never heard of control more than 50 of the biggest restaurant chains in the world

Ten companies control more than 50 of the biggest names in the chain restaurant business, from Panera to Burger King.
Despite what its name might imply, American Apparel is now based in Canada.

15 brands that are surprisingly not American, from Burger King to American Apparel

America is the birthplace of myriad brands, but you might be surprised to learn even the most popular stateside brands are actually based elsewhere.

5 beloved brands that were brought back from the brink of death

Bankruptcy filings and rocky startup years didn't prove to be insurmountable hurdles for these famous businesses.
Gen Zs have ditched Abercrombie for Nike.

17 brands millennials loved that ‘kids these days’ avoid

Millennials loved Abercrombie and Facebook, but Gen Zs tend to wear fast fashion and athleisure.

DBS’ brand is worth S$12 billion, Singapore’s highest for 7th consecutive year – and the others are not even close

UOB and OCBC brand values were both close to 40% below DBS' US$9.03 billion.

CapitaLand clinches 95% retail leasing for upcoming Raffles City Chongqing’s mega-mall that’s 3 times the size of Ion Orchard

Raffles City Chongqing's mall will house over 400 brands, of which 40% will be new-to-market brands, flagships or new concepts.

25 of the biggest failed products from the world’s biggest companies

Remember Zune? If not, don't worry — neither does anyone else.
Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world, according to BrandZ.

These are the 10 most valuable brands in the world

Amazon took the top spot on the BrandZ 100 most valuable global brands list, surpassing both Google and Apple.
Need to clean your bathtub in Germany? Meister Proper is here to help.

From ‘Cool American Doritos’ to ‘Meister Proper,’ here’s what 10 US brands are called around the world

Mr. Clean isn't called Mr. Clean everywhere, and KFC goes by a whole different set of initials up north in Quebec.