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12 celebrities who have battled breast cancer

Here is a list of famous celebrities who have been diagnosed with varying stages of breast cancer and have undergone treatment.

5 things to know about how birth control affects your cancer risks

Hormonal birth control methods like the pill, patch, and ring are great at preventing pregnancy. They also affect risks for some cancers.
Farmer Terry Petry loads herbicide into a sprayer in Illinois.

Scientists are learning that eating organic might be tied to a lower cancer risk, but there are some big caveats

A study of nearly 69,000 French people suggests that a diet rich in organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, and legumes may be linked with a lower risk of breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Ken and Jane Gremling were diagnosed with breast cancer within months of one another.

A husband and wife who ‘share everything’ got breast cancer at almost the same time

Married couple Jane and Ken Gremling were both diagnosed with breast cancer within months of one another, the Cleveland Clinic reports. After getting mastectomies to remove their breast tissue, both have an excellent prognosis for recovery, their doctors say.
Lymph node tissue from a breast cancer patient, with Google's tool at work on the right.

Google has created an algorithm that’s like ‘spell check’ for doctors who diagnose breast cancer — here’s how it works

Google's artificial intelligence team has developed an algorithm that's like "spell check" for pathologists, the doctors responsible for diagnosing cancer patients through images of their cells.
Confusing breast cancer myths are still around.

13 things every person should know about breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. Here's what everyone should know about the symptoms, causes, screening tests, risk factors, and persistent breast cancer myths.
Serena Williams.

Serena Williams strips naked and sings a line from ‘I Touch Myself’ in this breast cancer awareness clip

23-time Grand Slam tennis champion Serena Williams has stripped naked and recreated the smash hit 'I Touch Myself,' from Australian band Divinyls, in memory of singer Chrissy Amphlett who died of breast cancer in 2014.

A 23andMe competitor just launched its own cancer testing initiative — but it differs in a key way

Investor Vinod Khosla announced that consumer genetics company Color Genomics would offer testing for cancer and high cholesterol through a partnership with several leading universities. He made the announcement on Sunday at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas.

Angelina Jolie shed light on a genetic mutation tied to breast cancer risk — now 23andMe will test you for it, but scientists are worried

The genetics company 23andMe recently got FDA approval to add information on breast-cancer risk in its test. But the results could be dangerously misleading.
Submitting a sample for a DNA test.

Genetic experts have a message for anyone thinking of taking 23andMe’s new breast cancer test

Genetic counselors, who help people navigate tests, have concerns about how those who have taken the test will interpret their results.