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Boris Johnson pulls out of Luxembourg press conference because of boos from protesters

Large crowds gathered in Luxembourg to protest the arrival of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.
Boris Johnson and the Hulk.

Boris Johnson called ‘Trumpian’ and ‘infantile’ by EU figure after comparing Brexit to the Hulk smashing out of his chains

The UK prime minister drew the ire of European Union officials and an actor who has played the Hulk after making the comparison.

The Lib Dems call for Britain’s ‘disaster ridden’ railways to be overhauled in order to save the planet

The anti-Brexit party wants to increase the number of Brits who use trains in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Boris Johnson and David Cameron.

David Cameron says Boris Johnson backed Brexit to ‘help his political career’ and lied during the campaign

The former prime minister says Johnson backed Brexit because he wanted to be the "darling" of the Conservative party.

Former Conservative minister Sam Gyimah joins the Liberal Democrats

Gyimah on Sunday became the latest MP to switch to the Liberal Democrats. He was unveiled at the party's autumn conference.
A police officer in riot gear stands in front of a burning car on a street in Hackney, east London

No-deal Brexit documents reveal UK councils expect food and medicine shortages and civil unrest

Freedom of information requests reveal UK local authorities anticipate civil unrest and widespread shortages of essential medicines and food supplies.

Boris Johnson heckled to ‘get back to parliament’ and sort out ‘the mess you created’

The UK prime minister was heckled during a speech in Rotherham and told to return to parliament, after he shut it down for five weeks.

Boris Johnson is edging closer towards agreeing a new Brexit deal

The Democratic Unionist Party, which supports Johnson's minority government, is reportedly prepared to relax its Brexit red lines to agreeing a deal.
Boris Johnson and Angel Merkel

Leaked resolution reveals the EU is preparing to grant the UK another Brexit extension

The European Union is likely to offer the UK a third Brexit extension, according to a leaked resolution by the European Parliament.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says his plan for a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland ‘would only cost about £15 billion’

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it would be a "very good" idea to build a bridge over the Irish Sea.