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Donald Trump

The United States’ main allies are abandoning Trump after his ‘dangerous escalation’ with Iran

The United States' allies are abandoning Trump after his "dangerous" attack against Iran.
Donald Trump

Trump is threatening a damaging new trade war with the United Kingdom after Brexit

Donald Trump is threatening a damaging new trade war with the United States' closest long-standing ally.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he watches a performance during celebrations for Chinese Lunar New Year at Downing Street in London, Britain January 24, 2020.

The EU produced these maps showing where Brexit customs checks will take place after Boris Johnson claimed there wouldn’t be any

Boris Johnson claimed there won't be any new customs checks after Brexit, so the EU produced maps showing where they will be.
Boris Johnson and President Trump

Trump administration accused by the UK of a ‘denial of justice’ after refusing to extradite a diplomat’s wife accused of killing a B...

The UK government said the decision to reject the extradition request was a "denial of justice."

UK officials are pushing for a Trump trade deal to be Britain’s top priority after Brexit

UK officials want Boris Johnson to strike a rapid Brexit trade deal with Donald Trump.
Boris Johnson

The EU warns the UK that its negotiations will now get much tougher after Brexit

The United Kingdom is about to enter into an incredibly tough new series of negotiations with the EU.
Boris Johnson Meets EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

The EU is planning to give the UK a much worse trade deal after Brexit than either Canada or Japan

The EU is planning to offer UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson a much worse trade deal than it has given other countries.
Sadiq Khan and Donald Trump

Sadiq Khan says Boris Johnson should stop being ‘obsessed with trying to please America’ and just tell Trump he’s wrong

"What we should be doing is saying 'you know what, your views on women I don't agree with, your views on immigrants and Mexicans I don't agree with".
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan says the Labour Party must ‘change the entire music we are playing’ to defeat Boris Johnson

Exclusive: London mayor Khan said he feels "slightly nervous" when Labour figures suggest the party "won the argument" at the general election.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s own official government figures shows Brexit will make British people much poorer

The UK government's own analysis suggests the UK economy will grow by almost 7% less than if the UK stays in the EU.