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The pound is surging to a 7-month high after Boris Johnson secured a Brexit deal with the EU

The pound shot up as much as 1.3% in morning trading in London.

The pound is posting its biggest 2-day surge since since 2008 on Brexit deal hopes

The pound pushed up 1.3% against the dollar and 1% against the euro on Friday.

The pound is soaring on reports that UK and Irish leaders see a ‘pathway’ to a Brexit deal

The British pound rose 0.7% against the US dollar on the news.

Stocks are dropping after China reportedly signals it will take a tougher stance in trade-war talks this week

"Beijing is about to make another epic miscalculation. Trump ALWAYS escalates when put under pressure," says one analyst.
ECB outgoing President Mario Draghi

Trump’s trade attack on Europe couldn’t come at a worse time for a region on the brink of recession

Europe's PMI figures show even the resilient service sector is in decline as manufacturing's continuous struggle. Germany is 'almost certainly' in recession.
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron awaits the arrival of Indonesia's President Joko Widodo at Number 10 Downing Street in London, Britain April 19, 2016.

Former UK prime minister David Cameron reveals he thinks about Brexit ‘every single day’ and attacks Tory Leave rivals for behaving ‘...

In an interview about his new book Cameron broke his silence about the Brexit referendum and the behaviour of former colleagues who led the Leave campaign.
Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd.

Amber Rudd resigns over Boris Johnson’s ‘short sighted culling’ of government ministers

The work and pensions secretary described the prime minister's sacking of moderate MPs as an 'act of political vandalism.'
Vice President Mike Pence meets with Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Downing Street in London, Britain, September 5, 2019.

Boris Johnson met with Mike Pence and left the room ‘visibly befuddled’ with an awkward joke about chickens

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a joke about "chlorinated chicken" while meeting with Vice President Mike Pence.