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Vote Leave's notorious Brexit campaign bus

The British public now believes Brexit will damage the NHS

For the first time, the percentage of people who think leaving the EU will damage the NHS is greater than the percentage who think it will have no impact or will improve standards of healthcare.
Anti-Brexit demonstrators wave EU and Union flags outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, January 30, 2018.

The EU is ‘deeply concerned’ by UK’s proposal to register EU citizens ‘alphabetically’

Registering EU citizens in alphabetical order would be 'complicated, arbitrary and could create unnecessary confusion and uncertainty for millions of EU citizens already living in limbo,' according to MEPs.
Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson plans to torment Theresa May’s Brexit plans at Conservative party conference

Johnson, the former foreign secretary, is reportedly planning to criticise Theresa May's Brexit plans at the Conservative party's autumn conference in October. The conference will take place just two weeks before the European Council's October summit.

Activists launch campaign to install Brexit-supporting Labour MP Kate Hoey as Conservative leader

Hoey, the Labour MP for Vauxhall, voted with Theresa May's government on key pieces of Brexit legislation earlier this summer.

The EU fears British spies have bugged Brexit talks to obtain sensitive files

EU officials fear they are being "bugged" by the British secret service after the UK obtained sensitive documents within hours of them being presented at a meeting, according to a report. The fears were raised at a European Council meeting on July 13 by Sabine Weyand, a source told the Telegraph.
Steve Baker MP

Leading Brexiteer invested over £70,000 in firm advising clients to buy gold to avoid impact of a no-deal Brexit

Exclusive: Steve Baker, the pro-Brexit Conservative MP, has shares worth £70,000 in Glint Pay, a company which encourages people to buy gold as insurance against Brexit’s negative impact on the pound.
Theresa May

Theresa May considers plan to register 3 million EU citizens ‘alphabetically’ to cope with flood of applications

Exclusive: The Home Office is struggling to design a plan which can cope with the up to 3.6 million applications from EU citizens wishing to remain in the UK.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Brexit is driving EU nationals out of the UK

Comparing the data period — April to June 2018 — with the same period last year, the ONS said that there were 86,000 fewer EU nationals in jobs in the UK. In total, 2.28 million EU nationals work in Britain.
Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg

Conservative MPs to challenge Theresa May to accept a no-deal Brexit

A new plan, prepared by Conservative MPs led by Jacob-Rees Mogg, will reportedly be an alternative to May's unpopular "Chequers" plan and designed as a show of strength by pro-Brexit backbench MPs.

Conservative MPs plan to avoid their party conference ‘like the plague’ amid fears of a Brexit ‘bloodbath’

Exclusive: Multiple Conservative MPs say they are turning down invitations to speak at the party's upcoming conference amid concerns that the atmosphere will be bitterly divided because of Brexit.