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12 former Facebook insiders who ditched the company and are now outspoken critics

Cofounder Chris Hughes thinks Facebook should be broken up. Founding President Sean Parker worries what the platform is doing to kids' brains.
WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton.

‘A sellout crying into his money’: Current and former Facebookers dunk on WhatsApp’s cofounder after tell-all interview

Current and former Facebook executives are analysing explosive comments made by WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton about why he left Facebook. A lot of founders whose firms were acquired were actually pretty sympathetic to Facebook, suggesting that Acton should be happy with his billions.
Alex Stamos, Facebook's outgoing chief security officer.

Facebook’s former security chief says it was ‘foolish’ to believe WhatsApp wouldn’t be monetized

Facebook's former security chief Alex Stamos said it was 'foolish' to expect WhatsApp to remain largely revenue-free after Facebook paid $19 billion for the messaging service in 2014. It followed a scathing interview with WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton.
Brian Acton and Facebook's David Marcus.

Facebook exec David Marcus calls WhatsApp’s cofounder ‘a whole new standard of low-class’ after scathing interview

The gloves are off, and Facebook current and former executives are now engaged in a war of words about the company's reputation.
Brian Acton and Sheryl Sandberg.

WhatsApp’s cofounder had a fiery standoff with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg over how to make money from the messaging app

WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton has revealed that he had a tense clash with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg over monetizing the messaging app. In an interview with Forbes, Acton said he wanted to introduce a metered model to WhatsApp, but Facebook's top executives wanted to go much further.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

‘This is probably the last time you’ll ever talk to me’: WhatsApp’s cofounder broke his silence about his icy relationship wit...

Brian Acton, a cofounder of WhatsApp, has broken his silence about leaving Facebook three years after his company was acquired for $16 billion. In an interview with Forbes, Acton outlined tensions with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Some Facebook employees reportedly resent WhatsApp engineers for their bigger desks and nicer bathrooms

A difference in company cultures and philosophies has sprouted intra-office issues among some Facebook and WhatsApp employees, according to The Wall Street Journal, including resentment over the WhatsApp desks and bathrooms.

WhatsApp’s cofounder could be leaving $1 billion on the table by quitting Facebook

Jan Koum still has three vesting dates through the end of this year: one in May, one in August, and the final one in November. The value of the shares he would get if he still worked at Facebook is just under $1 billion at Facebook's current share price.
WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum.

The billionaire cofounder of WhatsApp is leaving Facebook to collect cars and play ultimate frisbee

Jan Koum, the billionaire cofounder of WhatsApp, is said to be leaving Facebook after clashing with execs.