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Ex-NYT editor Jill Abramson shrugs off plagiarism allegations against her new book because ‘it isn’t exactly the same as journalism’...

Jill Abramson, a former New York Times executive editor, continued to push back against allegations of plagiarism in her new book.
CNN's "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter.

C-SPAN reports caller to the FBI after on-air threat to shoot CNN’s Brian Stelter and Don Lemon

Some members of the media have taken note of the increasingly hostile rhetoric from President Donald Trump and his allies, as well as opinion-show personalities who have joined, and believe it coincides with the influx of death threats they recently received.
CNN anchor Brian Stelter and Kellyanne Conway.

‘Stop being so jealous of Fox News’: Kellyanne Conway clashes with CNN anchor in heated 20-minute interview

CNN's Brian Stelter grilled Kellyanne Conway about the AT&T merger, Russia probe, and President Donald Trump's credibility.

One photo throws cold water on Trump’s claim that Mika Brzezinski was ‘bleeding’ at Mar-a-Lago from a face-lift

CNN's Brian Stelter posted a photo of Mika Brzezinski from her New Year's visit to Mar-a-Lago that seemingly disproves Trump's claim that she was "bleeding" from a face-lift.

Conservative commentator who possibly inspired Trump’s wiretap accusations slams skeptical CNN anchor

Mark Levin blasted CNN's Brian Stelter for pointing out holes in the radio host's story.

‘This was a moment of great failure’: Top journalists ruminate on Trump’s upset victory and the threat he poses to the media

Months after Trump's upset victory, top media figures are still publicly reckoning with how many outlets failed to seriously comprehend how he could win.

Facebook refuses to accept it’s a media company — here’s why that’s terrible for you

Facebook is the largest distributor of news on the internet, and it refuses to accept the responsibility that comes with that reach.

Sean Hannity rails against ‘little pipsqueak’ Brian Stelter and media for coverage of Trump

"That's the type of coverage that CNN offers in this presidential race."