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Is wearing military formal-wear to a black tie wedding a faux-pas?

A bride asked one of her wedding guests to leave after he showed up in his military uniform

The Reddit thread explaining the situation has gone viral, and people can't decide who's right and wrong.
A father walks his daughter to the wedding alter.

10 wedding traditions with dark and twisted origins

Would you carry a bouquet made of garlic? In medieval times, you wouldn't have a choice. Here are 10 wedding traditions with surprising origins.
They wanted a wedding with an ocean view.

15 wedding industry pros reveal their worst bridezilla horror stories

From throwing fits to cancelling flights, these wedding planners share their horror stories on the brides who were not so pleasant to work with.
A bride's alleged guest list requirements are going viral on Reddit.

A vegan bride reportedly banned all meat-eating guests from attending her wedding, including members of her family and bridal party

After a Reddit thread about a bride reportedly banning meat-eaters from her wedding went viral, INSIDER asks wedding experts to weigh in.
One bride had her bridesmaids wear bright blue tuxedos instead of dresses.

A bride had her bridesmaids wear bright blue custom-made tuxedos, and the photos are amazing

Aaisha Thomas and Eureke Jones proved that traditional dress isn't always best when they married last May.
See photos of Miley Cyrus' minimalist bridal look.

Miley Cyrus wore an $8,600 minimalist wedding dress to marry Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus married Liam Hemsworth in an ivory off-the-shoulder wedding gown by Vivienne Westwood that's available made-to-order.
Weddings are fun!

17 of the most ridiculous viral wedding stories of 2018

Everyone loves a good wedding. But everyone loves the story of a wedding gone wrong more. Here are 17 wedding stories that went viral in 2018.
Sometimes the bride or groom leaves their soon-to-be spouse at the altar.

18 shocking stories of people who ran off on their wedding day

Guests, would-be brides, and would-be grooms share stories of people that left or were left on their wedding day, and why.