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New Yorkers in social distancing circles in Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York.

All the surreal ways beaches and parks could change after coronavirus so you can enjoy the outdoors and still keep your distance from strangers

A New York park painted circles on the lawn to separate sunbathers, and an Italian designer wants plexiglass boxes on beaches.
A family wearing protective masks crosses the street on May 7, 2020, in the Bushwick neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough in New York City.

Half of all Brooklynites are white, but 97.5% of the borough’s social distancing arrests were of people of color

The arrest data aligns with concerns that the New York Police Department's social-distancing enforcement overwhelmingly targets communities of color.
Maimonides chair of surgery Dr. Patrick Borgen looks in on a patient in an ICU room.

Doctors reveal what it was like at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic during New York’s deadliest month

April was a deadly month for New York. It was also a month of learning as hospitals developed new ways to treat patients fighting for their lives.

Dozens of bodies were allegedly found in U-Haul trucks outside a Brooklyn funeral home

Somewhere between 30 to 60 bodies were allegedly found in the U-Haul trucks, and neighbors told PIX11 that bodies were stacked on top of each other.
Zoe Mungin was initially treated for the coronavirus at Brookdale Hospital in East New York. She died at a hospital in New Jersey on Monday after a six-week battle with the disease.

A 30-year-old Brooklyn teacher died of the coronavirus after being sent home from the ER twice and told she was just ‘having a panic attack̵...

Rana Zoe Mungin died after a month on a ventilator. The first two times she went to the hospital she was sent home without being tested.
A view of the New York City Marathon from my stoop, November 2019.

My wife and I left Brooklyn as the coronavirus pandemic started tearing through New York City and are now hunkering down in Pennsylvania — and i...

We always talked about what would come next, and how nice having a car or washing machine would be. The coronavirus pressed fast forward on that.

A Brooklyn street vendor is reportedly selling low-priced medical masks and gloves to the community and clearing up to $2,000 a day — and he say...

Customers have reportedly flocked to a street vendor's stand because his prices are affordable, with surgical masks that start at $2.

The billionaire owner of the Brooklyn Nets donated millions of masks and ventilators to New York’s struggling hospitals

Big-name donations have been offered to New York, the US epicenter of the outbreak that marked a grim record-high of deaths over the weekend.
Cardiac-surgery patients were moved so the space could be converted to critical-care rooms for COVID-19 patients.

The top surgeon at a hospital in Brooklyn shares the harsh realities of ‘unbelievably’ sick patients and devastating deaths amid the coron...

"Until I saw this, I couldn't believe it." Deaths are mounting at an NYC hospital on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.
Staff don protective gear to treat COVID-19 patients.

A hospital in Brooklyn is taking cues from the ‘failed’ quarantine on the Diamond Princess cruise ship to understand how the coronavirus c...

The chair of surgery at Maimonides Medical Center said it's hard to project the trajectory of the pandemic in Brooklyn.