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How I cook a healthy and delicious dinner for 4 every night for $300 a month

If you plan your menus and grocery shopping carefully, you can prepare delicious dinners every night of the week without breaking the bank. Here's how I cook a healthy, delicious meal for four on $300 a month.
Once you know the questions to ask, finding the answer is easier than you think.

If you’re not asking yourself these 5 questions about money, you might already be screwed

As a certified financial planner, I've seen how hard it is find answers to your money questions. But it's not as hard as you think.

This simple money saving plan can help you bank £1,500 in 2018 — and it requires no more than £7 a day

By putting aside £1 to £7 depending on the day of the week, you can save almost £1,500 over the space of a year with next to no effort.
Raising kids is more affordable in the Northeast, surprisingly.

The states where it’s most and least affordable to raise children

How affordable it is to raise a child in each state depends largely on cost of living and income.

I took a neuroscientist’s advice for saving money, and it’s transformed my finances

The neuroscience of decision-making says choices are mentally draining. The insight has been life-changing when it comes to managing money.
Be specific about your savings.

There’s a better way to save money now to build wealth in the future

Jesse Mecham, author of "You Need a Budget," says you should dedicate funds to specific types of financial crises, instead of having one generic emergency fund.
You'll be shocked.

Many people struggle to build wealth for the same reason — and there’s an easy fix

Jesse Mecham, author of "You Need a Budget," says unplanned expenses are never really a surprise. Budget for them in advance and you'll make life easier.

A neuroscientist explains how to fix your bad habits and save more money

Budgeting apps and spreadsheets may help people get their finances in order, but neuroscientist Moran Cerf says he has a simpler way to save more money.

The 5 best apps to help you manage your money

Many budgeting apps sync your bank accounts and credit cards to organize your finances all in one place.

20-somethings say the scariest parts of adulthood are financial — and inevitable

Money is one of the leading stressors among American adults.