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A plate of chicken wings covered in sauce.

The incredible story of how Buffalo wings were invented

It's no surprise that Buffalo wings are now a staple at bars across the country — the dish was born from late-night hunger.

Cities across the US are selling abandoned homes for $1, and it’s a sign that the wealth gap is getting worse

Rust Belt cities are giving away homes for a single dollar, provided that buyers pick up the renovation costs.
lags fly over the Tesla Inc. Gigafactory 2, also known as RiverBend, a joint venture with Panasonic to produce solar panels and roof tiles in Buffalo, New York

Workers at Tesla’s Buffalo solar tile factory say the company sabotaged their efforts to find new jobs after trying to unionize

Business Insider obtained a copy of the complaint, in which the United Steelworkers Union says Tesla broke labor laws with firing and surveillance.
Something's fishy.

A goldfish turned up in the Niagara River after being flushed down the toilet — and it’s just really, really big

This apparently is what happens when you flush your beloved pets down the toilet and release them into nature.

This photo of a Malaysian boy sharing a moment with his buffalo won a contest – and more photos of his life with the cattle are now stunning the...

The boy told NST that he was "not proud" of his new found fame, but "just happy because people used to put my father down for working as a buffalo breeder".
Tim Hortons' Buffalo-flavored latte.

Tim Hortons is selling Buffalo sauce-flavored lattes — and people are disgusted

Tim Hortons locations in Buffalo, New York, are selling Buffalo sauce-flavored lattes.

A major fire is engulfing the site of what was once one of America’s largest steel producers

The fire reportedly broke out around 7 a.m., and was still not "under control" as of 10:15, the Buffalo fire commissioner said.

These scientists are turning cancer cells into beautiful works of art

Scientists are injecting fluorescent jellyfish proteins into cancer cells and tumors for research purposes — and beautiful artwork.

This is what it’s like when almost 750,000 bikers descend on a sleepy South Dakota town

For a week each year, hundreds of thousands of bikers take over.