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Facebook’s secretive hardware group made an armband that lets you ‘hear’ through your skin. It’s a key part of the companyR...

Researchers from Facebook's clandestine Building 8 — which aims to create the world's first brain-machine interfaces — created an armband that transforms words into understandable vibrations.

You can control this new software with your brain, and it should make Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg nervous

Nuro uses a non-invasive approach that doesn't involve brain surgery — and it could be a game-changer for patients with no other means of communicating. The company also has big plans to expand.
Regina Dugan.

Facebook’s consumer-hardware chief, Regina Dugan, is leaving after less than 2 years

Regina Dugan is leaving her position as the head of Facebook's fledgling consumer-hardware lab, Building 8.

MIZUHO: Here’s why Facebook has ‘a realistic opportunity’ to enter China in 2018

Facebook has a "realistic opportunity" to enter China in 2018, Mizuho analyst James Lee wrote in a note to clients on Tuesday.

Facebook is putting a top exec in charge of all hardware and readying an ‘Aloha’ video chat device

Facebook has tapped a veteran exec to lead all of its consumer hardware, including Oculus and Building 8, which will ship the "Aloha" video chat device.

Facebook is building a video chat device and smart speaker to debut next year

Facebook is reportedly working on a video chat device that will feature "a laptop-sized touchscreen" and be announced next year.

Facebook is reportedly building an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker that will launch in 2018

Facebook plans to release an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker with a 15-inch touchscreen in early 2018, according to a new report from Digitimes.

Facebook is working on a type of device so tough to build, even Google gave up on it

Facebook appears to be taking a page out of Google's playbook for its forthcoming push into consumer hardware, according to a new patent.

‘Not a random idea factory’: Why Facebook says its brain sensors are closer than you think

Facebook already knows what you like and who you talk to, but its next goal is to understand your actual thoughts.

Facebook is working on tech to let you type with your brain and ‘hear with your skin’

Facebook is working on futuristic technology that will let people type using only brain waves the understand thoughts through only skin contact.