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Stocks are surging at their fastest pace since the financial crisis as traders fly ‘closer to the sun’

BI PRIME: The stock market's more recent 100-point jump was made in record-breaking fashion, and that should give investors some pause, CLSA says.

The 3-decade bond bull market is in danger

BI PRIME: The bond bull market, which has been going strong for more than three decades, may soon come to an end.

CREDIT SUISSE: There’s been a ‘fundamental shift’ in how investors view the stock market’s relentless rally

BI Prime: Recent options-trading activity suggests "a more fundamental shift in outlook."

The scorching-hot stock market is on pace to do something that’s never been seen before

BI Prime: The S&P 500 has gone 382 days without a 5% pullback, a streak just over two weeks shy of the record.

The ghosts of the financial crisis are costing investors a fortune

BI PRIME: Overly cautious investors scarred by the financial crisis have missed out on huge market opportunities in 2017, says investment manager Richard Bernstein.

A bear market in stocks could be coming far sooner than expected

The divergence between the stocks of companies with strong and weak balance sheets could be signaling the end of the equity bull market.
A trader reacting to the wacky, wild September jobs report.

UBS: The 2 biggest stock market fears are overblown

UBS says that two of the biggest fears voiced by stock investors are overblown and that the S&P 500 will continue to increase through 2018.

Wall Street banks are starting to sound the alarm on a stock-market correction

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the latest Wall Street firm to issue a warning about a stock-market correction.
The stock market's returns since Trump's election victory aren't exactly "unprecedented."

Trump’s claim that he’s given stocks an ‘unprecedented’ boost is dead wrong

President Donald Trump claims that the stock market surge since the election is "unprecedented." That isn't true at all.