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A hotel housekeeper makes a bed.

Nearly 4 million people who work in the US hotel industry could lose their jobs due to the coronavirus. Here’s how much everyone who works at an...

Hotels are experiencing unprecedented booking cancellations due to the coronavirus, and as many as 50% of hotel workers could lose their jobs.
Teachers and instructors earn a median wage of $42,860 a year.

From cafeteria workers to principals, here’s what everyone makes in a public school

Many schools have closed and moved to online classes due to the coronavirus. Public schools employ a variety of workers who earn a range of salaries.
Registered nurses earn an average of $75,510 a year.

The average salaries for Americans working in 19 life-saving jobs key to fighting the coronavirus outbreak

Nurses, EMTs, and other first responders are on the frontlines of the coronavirus epidemic. The salaries for workers in life-saving jobs vary widely.
The number of fatal injuries for workers age 55 and over is increasing, and 2017 had the highest number of workplace fatalities reported.

The 21 deadliest jobs in America for baby boomers

The American workforce is getting older, and the number of fatal injuries among workers above the age of 55 has been increasing.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 68,000 new plumbing jobs in the next decade.

Elon Musk told a conference ‘you don’t need college to learn stuff.’ Here are 20 jobs that will be all the rage in 2028 that donR...

The future's bright for carpenters and plumbers: These high-paying jobs will see growth in the next decade, and they don't require a college degree.

The 30 highest-paying jobs in California, Super Tuesday’s most important state

The home of Silicon Valley and Hollywood has a booming job market. It's also one of the most influential states during the primaries.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its employment projections for 2018-2028. Healthcare jobs were among the fastest growing-jobs.

The skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the fastest-growing jobs in America

Active listening, English language skills, and psychology are all important skills and areas of knowledge for these jobs.
US President Donald Trump delivers remarks during a campaign rally at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

15 jobs that have practically disappeared since Trump became president

Insurance claims adjusters, toy stores, and newspaper publishers have all seen large drops in employment since January 2017.

The 10 most dangerous US states to work in

Some states have more dangerous jobs than others. We took a look at fatal workplace injury rates across the US.

20 industries job seekers should stay away from if they value stability and financial security

Parts of the auto, textiles, and apparel industries are likely to shed lots of jobs in the 2020s, according to government projections.