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Ramit Sethi.

I’m convinced real estate is one of the most overrated investments out there, but I plan to buy a house anyway because of a strategy I implement...

Ramit Sethi has been saving for that house since his late 20s, thanks to a sub-saving account that receives monthly automated contributions.
The month-to-month cost of owning a home varies by state.

Here’s exactly how much it typically costs to own a home in every US state

Coastal states like California, Hawaii, and New Jersey are expensive, while Appalachian states like West Virginia and Arkansas are less so.
They paid off their $330,000 mortgage in five years.

6 genius tips from a couple who paid off $330,000 of debt in 5 years

Tai and Talaat McNeely of His & Her Money paid off $330,000 in just five years — on one income. Their tricks included using 13 bank accounts, turning hobbies into side hustles, and being super organized. Their tips can help you pay off huge debt, no matter how impossible it seems.
Real estate or stock market: Which is the better investment?

Is buying a house a better investment than the stock market? We did the math, and the answer is clear

Whether real estate is a better investment than the stock market is an ongoing debate. Owning a home is often the biggest financial commitment someone will make, while investing in stocks is generally a key component of building wealth. We compared the two over the past three decades.
There's more to buying a house than you think.

10 hard truths no one tells you about buying a house

Being a homeowner is part of the American dream, but that white picket fence comes with a side of unexpected realities.
While millennials have benefitted from higher incomes, the increase hasn't kept up with the inflated cost of living.

7 ways life is more expensive today for American millennials than previous generations

The financial struggle for millennials is real. Compared with Gen Xers and baby boomers, they shoulder a different financial burden. While millennials have benefitted from an increase in income, it hasn't kept up with the inflated cost of living.

I never thought I’d be a homeowner, but buying my house is the best decision I’ve ever made

I decided to buy a house after years of renting and loving it — and becoming a homeowner is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
It's a seller's market.

Millennials aren’t buying starter homes — they’re splurging on million-dollar places instead

Zillow's CEO, Spencer Rascoff, says millennials are waiting longer to buy their first home — and spending a lot more when they finally do.
The average first-time homebuyer spends 40% of their income on housing.

Here’s the best time of year to buy a home — and when to start house hunting to find the best deal

First-time homebuyers should start house hunting in the fall, but wait to buy until prices drop.