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US President Donald Trump on Air Force One.

The White House is urging US airlines to defy China on the issue of Taiwan

The Trump administration wants United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines to ignore "Orwellian" demands from Beijing on changing the description of Taiwan from a country to a province of China. The White House has been strengthening ties with Taiwan.

Qantas gives in to Beijing’s ‘Orwellian’ demand to change how it refers to Taiwan

Qantas joins Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air France, and Malaysia Airlines in dropping the description of Taiwan as a country. CEO Alan Joyce made the announcement despite urging from the US State Department for governments to contact Beijing.
Airport staff speak by empty Monarch Airlines check-in desks after the airline ceased trading at Birmingham Airport, Britain October 2, 2017.

12,000 stranded Monarch customers flown home in the first 24 hours of huge rescue operation

Around 98,000 people remain abroad. Over 50,000 are expected to be flown home this week, with over half currently in Spain or the Spanish islands.
Ryanair has cancelled hundreds of thousands of bookings.

Ryanair forced to clarify customers rights after regulator ‘fury’ over cancellation chaos

Ryanair emailed customers explaining their rights following a rebuke from the UK airline regulator over its handling of extensive flight cancellations.
People walk to board a Ryanair flight at Stansted Airport, northeast of London, Britain, September 7, 2017. Picture taken September 7, 2017.

Ryanair could face legal action for ‘persistently misleading passengers’ over flight cancellations

The Civil Aviation Authority said the firm's chief executive had wrongly told customers that it was not legally obliged to re-route customers.

Movies with more diverse casts also make more money at the box office, according to a study

A diverse cast means a more diverse audience, which means more money at the box office, a new CAA study suggests.