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September 11, 2001 was the day American news networks introduced the permanently scrolling news ticker.

One of the biggest innovations in cable news history is a result of 9/11

September 11 ushered in many changes in American life. One of the lesser-known changes was the introduction of the scrolling news ticker.
Fox News Anchor Bret Baier and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

House Democrats are taking media training sessions to prepare for Fox News appearances

Fox regularly boasts the highest ratings on cable news, incentivizing Democrats to appear on the network in order to effectively reach more Americans.
FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Dirksen Building on oversight of the FBI.

Trump reportedly wants to stop Mueller testifying because he is worried it will dominate cable news and captivate America

Over the weekend the president expressed opposition to Mueller testifying to Congress about his investigation into Russian collusion.
The MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

Chris Hayes says Kamala Harris is ‘underpriced’ for 2020 and no candidate is too far-left to be president

The MSNBC host Chris Hayes talked to Insider Inc. CEO Henry Blodget about issues such as immigration and political correctness on Tuesday.
Donald Trump.

Trump reportedly starts his days later because he wants more ‘executive time’ to watch TV and tweet

It's no secret Trump is a voracious consumer of cable news and social media.
Donald Trump.

Trump reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke and watches up to 8 hours of TV per day

Trump is well known for his voracious appetite for fast food and cable news.

‘The problem is how often you watch TV’: Top Democrat responds to Trump calling him ‘sleazy’

Rep. Adam Schiff shot back at President Donald Trump after he called Schiff "sleazy" and accused him of spending "all of his time on television."

Trump’s staff reportedly tries to keep him busy so he doesn’t tweet or watch TV

The president has been known to frequently watch cable news and fire off tweets after segments air.

Nearly 100 days into his presidency, Trump is still a voracious consumer of cable news

The president assigns a significant amount of importance to what he sees and how he's portrayed on TV.

How Bill O’Reilly became the most popular host on cable news — and why Fox killed his show

As Bill O'Reilly's career at Fox News Channel ends amid sexual-harassment allegations, we look at how he made it to the top of the cable-news heap.