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California will soon allow self-driving cars to operate without a driver

The California Department of Motor Vehicles released a revised regulation proposal on Wednesday that would allow self-driving cars to operate without a driver.

California is one step closer to letting companies test self-driving cars without a human driver

If passed, the regulations would allow cars without driver controls to be tested on California roads.

After the Uber standoff, California lawmakers want to hit rogue self-driving cars with $25,000 a day fines

California wants to make violating its self-driving car laws punishable with a $25,000 per vehicle per day fine.

How Uber embarrassed Volvo in California

This is appalling behavior from a reckless startup that got everything right in Pittsburgh when it rolled out its self-driving program earlier this year.

California DMV gives Uber an ultimatum: Park your self-driving cars or face legal action

The California DMV sent Uber a letter demanding it stop its launch or face legal action.