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PG&E’s $30 billion in potential liabilities is worrying debt holders who fear they won’t be paid

Trading figures for PG&E signal that investors fear losses as a result of the company's exposure to $30 billion in liabilities for its role in the fire.

California’s biggest utility provider plunges after disclosing it suffered a 2nd outage as the deadly Camp Fire started

PG&E dropped as much as 7% on Monday after the utility company disclosed that it experienced another power-line outage when the deadly Camp Fire broke out.

California’s biggest utility provider spikes after regulator eases fears of bankruptcy following deadly wildfire

PG&E soared as much as 45% early Friday after a regulator reportedly said he couldn't imagine letting the California utility declare bankruptcy.
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are among those who lost their homes.

Liam Hemsworth shared a devastating photo of what remains of his and Miley Cyrus’ house after the California fires

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are among those who have lost their homes in the California wildfires.

A raging wildfire has burned the town of Paradise, California to the ground

It's estimated that the California Camp Fire burned over a thousand structure in California.

The fire that caused widespread devastation in Northern California was started by a flat tire

California officials say that the Carr Fire, which has claimed 8 lives and forced evacuations in the city of Redding, was caused by a flat tire on July 23.

Wildfires are causing ‘the worst year on record’ for California’s marijuana industry

The California wildfires are not just ravaging wine country. The state's marijuana farms are under threat, too.
Wildfires cast an orange glow over Disneyland on Monday, October 9.

Photos show how California’s fires gave Disneyland an apocalyptic glow

A powerful fire in the Anaheim Hills east of Los Angeles created an ominous glow over the nearby Disneyland amusement park.