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Google’s Cambridge office has elevators that look like the subway and take workers to ‘the beach’ and faux Victorian houses

The office highlights some important Boston area locales, including Revere Beach and the Public Garden.

A prison-rehab and education program is at the center of London Bridge stabbing

Two victims and the attacker were tied to the group. Now, lawmakers and advocates are weighing changes to prison rehabilitation.
As heatwave temperatures climb to record levels - the hottest day of the year so far, Londoners sunbathe on the grass beneath St. Paul's Cathedral in the City of London (the capital's financial district aka the Square Mile), on 25th July 2019, in London, England.

The UK confirmed its hottest temperature in history after a blistering heatwave scorched Europe

The UK's national weather service confirmed that temperatures reached 38.7 degrees Celsius (101.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in Cambridge on July 25.

Amazon is opening a new office in Manchester as it makes a big bet on research and development in the UK

Amazon announced it's opening a new office in Manchester, UK, which will accommodate at least 600 staff. Amazon is also expanding its research and development teams in Cambridge and Edinburgh.

A new lab-grown meat startup may have overcome a key barrier to making meat without slaughter

A new lab-grown meat startup called Meatable is taking on the industry's key hurdle by coming up with a way to make truly slaughter-free meat without relying on cow fetus blood, or "serum." The Dutch startup partnered with Cambridge and uses proprietary stem cell technology for faster production.
US President John F Kennedy shortly before he was shot dead on November 22, 1963.

A local newspaper in England got a tip-off about ‘big news’ from America, 25 minutes before JFK was assassinated

A reporter for the Cambridge News was told to expect a major story from the US, 25 minutes before Kennedy was shot, according to an FBI document.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook opened a new Oxford startup hub to help it take on rival Cambridge

The Oxford Foundry will provide student entrepreneurs with a place to start and grow their businesses.
Kalifa Damani is currently studying for her PhD in Education and Psychology at Cambridge.

Racism, a fear of not fitting in, and insane competition: Why there’s still a chronic lack of black students at Oxford and Cambridge

Only 75 black students went to Oxford or Cambridge last year out of an entrance-class of 4,420.

Insiders reveal how Boston moved to the forefront of the global fight against deadly diseases

Biotech companies in the Boston area reflect on what's the area's "secret sauce."

A life sciences VC just raised $616 million to find the next big thing in medicine

On Monday, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Third Rock Ventures launched its fourth fund with $616 million.