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Amazon sold more than 200,000 of these $10 portable water filters on Prime Day this year — here’s why they’re so cool

Lifestraw is a safe and effective portable water filter that stole the show during this year's Prime Day. It was on sale for $10 during the 2019 event.

I used Mountain Hardwear’s new and more environmentally friendly camping tent on my last trip — here’s why it’s worth $480

Mountain Hardwear's newest tents are made without harmful flame-retardant chemicals that are better for the environment. Here's what they're like.

11 summer essential items to buy from Costco

Costco has several products that can get you through the summer, including camping equipment, barbecue grills, and pool floats.

This lightweight, bounce-free headlamp is the most comfortable I’ve tested — it’s just $50

I've tested some 15 headlamps in the last year, and none of them have been anywhere near as comfortable as BioLite's HeadLamp 330.
Kachi Lodge boasts a series of domes with panoramic views of the Salar de Uyuni and the dazzling night sky.

You can now sleep in luxury pods on a scenic salt flat in Bolivia with panoramic views

At Kachi Lodge, you can stay in a series of luxury domes with panoramic views of Bolivia's salt flat Salar de Uyuni and the night sky.

REI’s biggest sale of the year is going on right now — here are 23 of the best deals you can find

REI's Anniversary Sale is running now through May 27. Here are 23 of the best deals on everything from hiking boots to tents and sleeping pads.
Hiking and camping comes with a few risks that are worth noting.

10 things that could potentially kill you on your next camping trip and how to protect yourself

From carbon-monoxide poisoning to flash floods, here are some potentially dangerous things to watch out for during your next hiking or camping trip.

The best camping stoves you can buy

Having a hot meal while you're out in the wilderness is wonderful. These are the best camping stoves to keep you happily fed on your travels.
Camping is all fun and games until you realize you forgot your sleeping bag.

27 camping essentials under $100 everyone needs for their first overnight trip

For overnight camping trip, there are certain basic gear you'll need to have fun and be comfortable. Here's exactly what you'll need.

The best tents for car camping

When it's time to go camping, you need a good tent to keep you sheltered and safe outdoors. We found the best tents for camping in 2019.