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If you want to delete your Uber account, you can do so easily through the app.

How to deactivate and delete your Uber account using the mobile app

If you want to delete your Uber account, you can do so through the mobile app, but you'll have to wait 30 days for it to be fully deleted.

How to cancel an order on Amazon

Canceling an Amazon order is a simple process, so long as you manage to do so before your items ship.

From March 11, it won’t cost a cent to cancel a Grab ride within 5 mins – after which, you must pay S$4 

The same S$4 fee also applies if a driver cancels a ride after waiting for more than 5 mins – or 3 mins on GrabShare.
A screenshot of the National Weather Service map on November 15, with the storm warning highlighted in purple or light purple.

Surprise snowstorm slams East Coast forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights

Hundreds of flights have been either canceled or delayed on Thursday as the first winter storm of the season bears down on the East Coast.

Fans are begging Netflix to save ‘The Expanse,’ an acclaimed show canceled by Syfy after 3 seasons

Syfy cancelled its space-drama "The Expanse" on Thursday, but the show's production company is looking to shop the series around to other networks, according to Deadline. The third season of "The Expanse" premiered in April to universal critical acclaim, but its ratings were steadily slipping.
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Fans are furious about ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ being canceled, but it could get picked up by Hulu

Fans took to social media to mourn the cancellation of Fox cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on Thursday, but the show could still see new life on another platform or network. Hulu is a likely home for the series, but it could end up at TBS, NBC, or Netflix.
CBS' "Elementary" used to be a hit, but now it's at risk of getting canceled.

17 TV shows that will probably get canceled soon

These 17 TV shows will probably get canceled soon. Is your favorite show at risk?

6 freshman fall TV shows that will probably get canceled in 2018, and 2 that already bit the dust

We rounded up the new fall TV shows with the highest risk of getting canceled.

The first TV show to die in 2018 is ABC’s ‘The Mayor’

In 2018 the cancellations will start rolling in, and ABC's 'The Mayor' is the first to go.

How to check if your Ryanair flight has been cancelled

Ryanair customers can use a new, searchable tool to check whether their flights have been cancelled as the airline continues to cancel up to 50 flights a day.