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Ken and Jane Gremling were diagnosed with breast cancer within months of one another.

A husband and wife who ‘share everything’ got breast cancer at almost the same time

Married couple Jane and Ken Gremling were both diagnosed with breast cancer within months of one another, the Cleveland Clinic reports. After getting mastectomies to remove their breast tissue, both have an excellent prognosis for recovery, their doctors say.
Woman in hospital (stock photo)

A woman is accused of scamming $55,000 in donations for her ‘stage V ovarian cancer’ — a cancer stage that doesn’t actually ex...

An Australian woman is accused of faking an ovarian cancer diagnosis to scam thousands of dollars in donations out of friends and family members. Lucy Wieland, from North Queensland, has been charged with fraud for allegedly breaching the public’s trust by lying about her diagnosis.
Michael Buble is ready to say goodbye to the m

Michael Bublé says he is quitting music following his son’s cancer battle: ‘I don’t have the stomach for it anymore’

Michael Buble has revealed that he's quitting music and done being a celebrity in a new interview with Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine. His decision comes as a result of his 5-year-old son's battle with liver cancer.
Lymph node tissue from a breast cancer patient, with Google's tool at work on the right.

Google has created an algorithm that’s like ‘spell check’ for doctors who diagnose breast cancer — here’s how it works

Google's artificial intelligence team has developed an algorithm that's like "spell check" for pathologists, the doctors responsible for diagnosing cancer patients through images of their cells.
The $10,000 exam includes breakfast, lunch, and a massage.

CEOs, athletes, and celebs are paying $10,000 for this 6-hour physical exam that includes a massage and 2 meals in an ultra-luxurious, spa-like NYC fa...

A New York City medical center offers a "five-star" physical examination in a luxurious, spa-like facility in downtown Manhattan — and it costs $10,000. The six-hour checkup at the 15,000-square-foot center is designed for C-level executives, athletes, and celebrities.
Rodrigo Duterte answers questions from journalists during a press conference on May 10, 2016 in Davao City, Philippines. Duterte is set to become the Philippines' next president after Monday's election.

Philippine President Duterte gave remarks that are raising questions about his health

Rodrigo Duterte received what his aides have called a routine colonoscopy this week. It's his second one in three weeks. Duterte said his doctors wanted to get additional tissue samples. Without explicitly saying he may have cancer, Duterte said he would not stay in office if that's the diagnosis.
Not all health problems have dramatic symptoms.

8 potentially deadly conditions that may not show obvious symptoms at first

Some dangerous health conditions may not cause noticeable symptoms, especially in their early stages. Here are eight to know about, including high blood pressure, "silent" heart attacks in women, gonorrhea, lung cancer, hepatitis, and more.

8 ways that drinking coffee is connected to better health and a longer life

Most research on coffee consumption indicates that coffee is not bad for us, and is actually associated with some impressive health benefits. Here's why you shouldn't worry about your coffee habit.
David Dunkleberger and Willie Davis

A Navy veteran with terminal cancer held a garage sale to raise money for his own funeral — then strangers jumped in to help

A Navy veteran with terminal, stage 4 cancer is selling his belongings to pay for his own funeral, and now strangers want to help him raise funds. Willie Davis sets up yard sales every weekend at his Johnstown, Pennsylvania, home.
A fiber-rich diet that includes fresh produce, legumes, and nuts was linked to lower cancer rates.

A study of nearly half a million people found that eating certain types of food is linked to cancer — but there’s a simple fix

A new study of nearly half a million people in Europe points to the best diet for avoiding cancer: a plan that's rich in fiber, vegetables, fruit, fish, and lean meat. A science-backed nutrition-ranking system from France, called Nutri-Score, could help people stay on track.