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The race for cannabis dollars, agencies go on an ad-tech crash diet, media companies on the move

Havas sees a big opportunity to provide cannabis-related education, research, and training to drug, health, and wellness clients.

Here’s what marijuana actually does to your body and brain

Marijuana's official designation as a Schedule 1 drug means it's pretty tough to study. Here's what we know.

A mysterious syndrome in which marijuana users get violently ill is starting to worry researchers

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is characterized by nausea and vomiting after using marijuana and was thought to be incredibly rare — until now.

Researchers figured out the amount of marijuana that helps people relax — and how much is too much

Marijuana is dose dependent — the more someone has, the stronger the effects. A new study shows how easy it is to overshoot the target of relaxation.

14 of the biggest questions researchers have about marijuana

We know enough to say that cannabis has legitimate medical uses and that it's less harmful than some substances, but researchers still have big questions.

We know less about marijuana than we think — here are the biggest mysteries researchers are trying to solve

There are questions about how recreational marijuana affects people young and old; questions about how pot affects patients; and questions about the plant.

Evidence shows that marijuana works for pain, the medical reason most people want it — but doctors still have questions

Even if we're sure it works, doctors still want more research to help them decide when marijuana might help a patient and when something else is a better idea.

11 key findings from one of the most comprehensive reports ever on the health effects of marijuana

The committee considered more than 10,000 studies, from which they were able to draw nearly 100 conclusions. The report reveals how much we still have to learn.

The three biggest questions about how marijuana affects athletic performance

A number of people use marijuana to fuel workouts, but we don't know how well it actually works for that purpose. Here's what we would need to figure it out.

The DEA made a big decision on marijuana, but it wasn’t the one everyone was hoping for

While the DEA didn't reschedule marijuana, it did announce a plan to increase the supply of marijuana available for medical research.