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Here’s the management tactic Apple CEO Tim Cook uses to keep employees on their toes

Apple CEO Tim Cook is known for asking team members a barrage of questions to make sure they're on top of their responsibilities.

This founder sold his company to Amazon for $1 billion after being rejected on ‘Shark Tank.’ Here’s the one thing he said every star...

Ring founder and inventor Jamie Siminoff says the most successful businesses are those that tackle long-term problems — and know how to move on after failure.
Here are 13 things that should never surprise a boss.

13 things that should never surprise a boss

Good managers always know when an employee secretly hates them. Here are other things employees do that should never surprise their boss.
Dressing up could increase your productivity.

Why dressing like a CEO no matter your job level will prime you for career success

Studies show dressing up for work will increase productivity and boost others' perceptions of you. This is especially important for low-level workers.

These high-paying tech jobs only require 3 years of experience or less — and some of them pay six-figure salaries

Entry-level jobs for data scientist, developer, and product manager jobs could come with six-figure salaries, according to a new study from Comparably
Some big companies are offering career coaching as a benefit, using Bravely.

I tried the free, personalized career-coaching app offered by companies like Zillow and Evernote, and it was a massively productive 45 minutes

Companies using the coaching startup Bravely offer employees free career coaching, whether about talking about a difficult boss or asking for a raise.
Get your manager to be specific about the indicators of success.

Here’s exactly what to say when you’re confused about what your manager wants

By asking your manager what success looks like you can avoid wasted time and become a top performer.

I completely rejected a piece of advice a former boss gave me, and it turned out to be one of the best career decisions I’ve made

One of the best career moves I ever made was to utterly reject a piece of career advice a former boss gave me.
It can take a village to build wealth.

Getting rich may be easier if you maintain 4 types of relationships, according to an author who studied over 10,000 millionaires

Building wealth isn't a sole effort. If you want to be a millionaire, you should have a coach, mentor, cheerleader, and friend in your life.