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The best consumer concept we saw at CES 2019

The Urbanetic, from Mercedes-Benz, is one concept car we really hope hits the road.
Since last year, Cargo has been providing drivers with ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft with boxes of goodies to sell to passengers. Now, with its exclusive partnership with Uber, drivers working for the behemoth can register with Cargo if they choose and pick up Cargo boxes at Uber's Greenlight Hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Uber has a plan to help drivers make an extra $100 a month by letting them sell you snacks and other necessities straight from their cars

Cargo, which provides ride-sharing drivers with free stocked boxes of products to distribute to passengers, is rolling out to San Francisco and Los Angeles for the first time as part of a team-up, meaning Uber drivers there can rake in an extra $100 a month on average.