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How politics, miscommunication, and ‘betrayal’ of Nissan crashed Fiat Chrysler’s deal with Renault

Renault's board feared alienating Japanese partner Nissan. Fiat Chrysler didn't get the message.

Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn slams executives for ‘playing a dirty game’

Former auto CEO Carlos Ghosn has come out fighting as his months long battle against legal charges in Japan further intensifies.

Tokyo prosecutors readying new case against Ghosn over Oman payments: report

Renault SA alerted French prosecutors after uncovering suspect payments to a Renault-Nissan business partner in Oman while Ghosn was CEO.

Renault reportedly plans to restart Nissan merger talks in bid to buy out Fiat-Chrysler

One of the world's largest car-making pacts could become even larger. Renault is reportedly planning to merge with Nissan, then buy Fiat-Chrysler.
Ghosn leaves the detention center in Tokyo dressed as a laborer.

The Japanese media is having a field day over the ‘amateur plan’ to sneak Carlos Ghosn out of prison dressed as a worker

"The plan failed," Ghosn's lawyer wrote. The incident "threw mud on his lifetime of fame."

An inside look at the career of Carlos Ghosn, the disgraced former Nissan chairman and Renault CEO who just posted $8.9 million bail after 108 days in...

Former head of Nissan Carlos Ghosn has been released from a Japanese jail after three months. He is accused of underreporting his salary.
Carlos Ghosn is seen leaving jail surrounded by security staff

Carlos Ghosn has been granted bail after a 108-day ordeal more humiliating than any faced by a modern CEO

The former motoring titan Carlos Ghosn extricated himself from custody Wednesday after 108 days in Japanese jail after paying a massive bail.
Carlos Ghosn

Disgraced former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn reportedly approved for $9 million bail

Ghosn was arrested on November 19 and is facing multiple allegations of financial misconduct.

Detained ex-Nissan chairman Ghosn offers stock, passports for bail

Ghosn, imprisoned since his arrest on Nov. 19, has asked a Tokyo District Court for the second time to grant him bail after a request last week was denied.
People who wish to sit in for ousted Nissan Motor Co Ltd chairman Carlos Ghosn's hearing gather around a board to see if their numbers were selected for attendance at the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan, January 8, 2019.

‘I have been wrongly accused and unfairly detained’: Ousted Nissan exec Carlos Ghosn makes his first public remarks on financial misconduc...

The ousted Nissan chairman has been in a Tokyo jail since his arrest on financial misconduct allegations in November. He plans to fight the charges.