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11 questions to ask when buying a new car

The process might seem intimidating, but it's actually quite straightforward.
The Tesla Model 3.

Tesla is delaying a 3% price increase until Wednesday

Tesla said the delay resulted from "unusually high volume."
Tesla shares.

Tesla’s stock doesn’t trade like it used to

Tesla shares have begun trading differently over the last year or so, one Wall Street analyst said on Friday.

The 8 best cars for millennials to buy, according to the experts

While millennials have expensive taste in rental cars, their buying habits are a little more pragmatic.
Tesla shares.

Tesla sinks after analysts were underwhelmed by the long-awaited Model Y unveiling

Tesla shares fell Friday after the electric-car maker unveiled its long-awaited Model Y SUV. Wall Street's reaction was tepid.
Musk reveals the Model Y.

Wall Street is warning Tesla’s new SUV could ‘cannibalize’ its Model 3. Here’s what analysts are saying about the Model Y.

Wall Street analysts weighed in on Tesla's Model Y unveiling, and what it means for the electric automaker.
The Tesla Model Y.

Elon Musk just unveiled Tesla’s newest car, the Model Y SUV

Tesla on Thursday unveiled its latest vehicle, the Model Y crossover SUV, at its design studio in Hawthorne, California.

Tesla is about to reveal the Model Y — here’s how much it could cost

Tesla will unveil its upcoming Model Y crossover SUV on Thursday.
The dreaded check engine light.

What your check engine light really means

"The good news is that danger is not imminent," Kelley Blue Book's Michael Harley told Business Insider.