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A family found two bags in the road that contained nearly $1 million in cash.

A family found nearly $1 million in cash stuffed into sacks in the middle of a road

The Virginia family thought they were simply picking up litter.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has a record $137 billion cash pile. Here’s why the investor will be frustrated by that fact.

Buffett values having an emergency fund and a war chest, but views cash and Treasury bonds as bad investments.

US investors have piled $1 trillion into cash during coronavirus lockdown, but UBS says ‘rushing to the exits’ and abandoning the markets ...

"Sitting in cash is not the answer," UBS Wealth Management CIO Mark Haefele said in the note published Tuesday, as investors pile into money markets.
A worker looks out of a nearly empty restaurant in New Rochelle, New York. Many restaurants have less than three weeks of cash buffer days.

Half of small businesses only have a large enough cash buffer to allow them to stay in business for 27 days, if they stopped bringing in money

Half of small businesses only have a large enough cash buffer to allow them to keep business going for 27 days.

Americans are taking out cash like mad and bleeding ATMs dry. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.

"A single dollar bill can be home to as many as 3,000 different bacteria and has changed hands upwards of a thousand times," said the CBA.

Investor sentiment collapsed in March amid the coronavirus pandemic fallout, Bank of America survey shows

The "outbreak of COVID-19 against an already fragile macro backdrop led to the biggest monthly drop in global expectations ever," BofA said.
Traders work on the floor at the NYSE in New York

Investors stockpiled a record $137 billion of cash in just 5 days as coronavirus fears sent them fleeing from risk

Government bonds also enjoyed record inflows, while investors withdrew from investment-grade, high-yield, and emerging market debt.
The World Health Organization told The Telegraph that cash could be spreading the novel coronavirus.

Cash could be spreading the coronavirus, warns the World Health Organization

People should wash their hands after handling cash and try to use contactless payments instead, the World Health Organization says.

China will start destroying cash collected in areas with high exposure to the coronavirus

The People's Bank of China will also disinfect some bills and store them for 14 days before putting them back into circulation.
Baupost Group CEO Seth Klarman.

A hedge-fund billionaire who invests like Warren Buffett is hoarding cash and warning the bull market won’t last

"The rocket fuel that has propelled markets in 2019 will run out," Seth Klarman, whose nickname is the "Oracle of Boston," told his investors.