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We compared Casper’s foam mattress to its new hybrid mattress to determine which bed you should buy

Casper recently came out with a new Hybrid mattress. We got a chance to try it out and compared it to the company's flagship mattress.

Casper recently added springs to its all-foam mattress — here’s how it’s different and what sleeping on it feels like

Casper has released a version of memory foam mattress with springs, and we think it's an ideal mattress for slide sleepers. Here's our full review.
I tested out the recently updated Casper mattress. There are a few design tweaks, but the prices are still the same and start at $695 for a Twin to $1,495 for a California King.

Casper quietly updated its most popular mattress — here’s what’s new and what sleeping feels like on it

Casper has updated the original Casper Mattress, and we got our hands on it to review. It has a new zoned-support layer for specialized pressure relief.

I slept on Casper’s new adjustable bed frame with a built-in massage function — here’s what it was like

The Casper Adjustable Pro Bed Frame has all the features of the Casper Adjustable Bed Frame with several added luxury features.

I switched to a Casper adjustable bed frame — and it relieved both my swollen legs and nighttime indigestion

The Casper adjustable bed frame works with all foam mattresses. I don't have a Casper mattress, and it functions just fine with my alternative foam-based choice. I'd recommend it to people with sleep apnea, indigestion, bad backs, swollen legs — the list goes on.
Casper's newest and most luxurious mattress, The Wave starts at $1,095.

Casper, the internet’s favorite mattress, is now giving military personnel 10% off any order with a mattress — here’s how it works

Casper, the internet's favorite mattress, just launched a 10% discount on any order that includes a mattress for military personnel. For a standard queen size, that's a savings of $99.

Mattress startup Casper has a space in New York City where you can pay $25 to take a nap. Here’s what it’s like to visit

Casper recently opened the Dreamery, a space devoted to relaxing and recharging. For $25, you can take a nap, or just recharge your batteries.
You can get free Papa John's pizza for a year with a mattress purchase.

Papa John’s is giving away free pizza in a bizarre marketing ploy slamming the wildly-popular mattress startup Casper

Raymour & Flanigan is giving shoppers who buy a mattress that costs more than $500 from the company between May 30 and June 13 free Papa John's pizza for a year. The company is also offering free next-day mattress delivery any day of the week.