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The cats in question are Maine Coons, like the feline pictured here.

Someone in Silicon Valley is renting a studio apartment for $1,500 a month just for his two cats

The cats weren't getting along with the family dog, so he decided to rent a $1,500-a-month San Jose studio apartment.

The best cat dewormer you can buy

If your cat is experiencing some worm-related digestive issues, these medicinal products are the best cat dewormers you can buy.
The horror.

An art expert says his cat destroyed a painting worth $6,714

The art expert is sad to see his piece tarnished, but speculated that his cat Padme feels no remorse for what happened, he told The Telegraph.

Mahathir Mohamad spent Christmas reading one of his favourite books – a true story of a cat which became an international success

It seems Dr Mahathir has good taste. He is not the only one who loves this book.

People are tweeting photos of cats hiding in Christmas trees, making for some IRL brainteasers. Can you spot them all?

Twitter users are sharing photos of the hottest new cat hangout — their Christmas trees. Can you find them all?

There’s an easy trick for downloading photos from Instagram — here’s how to do it

There are several ways to save Instagram photos. But if you want to download a high-res version, it gets a lot trickier.
Foiled again.

2 cats are determined to get inside an art museum in Japan, and the internet is rooting for them

For two years, security guards have been foiling the attempts of two cats to visit the Onomichi Museum of Art in Japan.
If your pet is lethargic all the time, it might be due to their weight.

3 signs you’re feeding your pet too much, and how much they should really be eating

Although it can be tempting to give our furry friends whatever they'd like to eat, this can be dentrimental to their health.
Cats are telling us different things depending on the noise they make.

7 sounds your cat makes and what they mean

Cats are sometimes hard to read, but they can actually be very expressive if you know what to listen for. Here are some sounds your cat is probably making and what the sounds mean.