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8 things every pet owner should know, according to experts

Sometimes the way you talk to your dog can impact how well it listens and behaves. Plus, you could be feeding your pet too much.

The best products to keep your indoor cat entertained

Indoor cats need more than just plush toys to keep them active and sharp. They need window seats and enclosures so their minds stay entertained.

This historic New York hotel has been holding an annual cat fashion show for the last decade, and the photos are fantastic

The Algonquin Hotel has had cats in residence since the 1930s, and for the past decade they've been celebrating felines with a cat fashion show.
Sometimes it can be difficult to interpret your cat's behavior.

6 signs your cat secretly hates you

Truth is, if your cat really doesn't like you very much hey're probably dropping some hints through their body language and behaviors.
Cats do a lot of things that humans just don't understand.

6 weird things your cat does, explained by experts

From bringing you dead birds to "making biscuits" with their paws, cats are quite a mystery. Here's the explanation behind common feline activities.
Cats are fairly independent creatures.

7 strange and gross things your cat does that are actually signs it likes you

Cats can do some strange things, but often these may be a sign they respect you and feel comfortable in your home.
Here's Franzi at a less-than-flattering moment.

19 hilarious photos of cats taken at the wrong time

Kittens are sweet, cuddly, and adorable. Sometimes, however, the camera catches them at the wrong moment ...
He may be a good boy, but his mouth is full of bacteria.

A woman’s limbs were amputated after her dogs licked her and gave her a bacterial infection. Most dogs carry the same bacteria.

Capnocytophaga canimorsus can cause flu-like symptoms. People with weakened immune systems are most susceptible.

The best products you can buy for a pet emergency kit

In an emergency, your pets are counting on you to take care of them. Here are helpful products to have in a pet emergency kit.

11 pet startups that are taking on traditional brands with more innovative products

For everything your pet needs — food, toys, treats, supplies, beds — you can shop at these 11 startups making innovative pet products.