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"Game of Thrones"

How ‘Game of Thrones’ viewership compares with TV’s other most-watched shows

Here's how "Game of Thrones" compares with 2018's biggest shows, based on Nielsen ratings, from "Roseanne" to "This Is Us."
"Broad City" will end after its fifth season.

All the TV shows that are ending or have been canceled in 2019

Networks and streaming services are starting to cancel some TV shows. Some shows entered 2019 knowing their final seasons would air this year.
Julianna Margulies in "The Good Wife"

‘The Good Wife’ star Julianna Margulies says she didn’t reprise her role in ‘The Good Fight’ because CBS lowballed her: ...

"The Good Wife" actress Julianna Margulies said that CBS wouldn't pay her a fair salary if she appeared on the spin-off, "The Good Fight."
Emilia Clarke on "CBS This Morning."

Emilia Clarke worried that she would lose her ability to act after 2 life-threatening brain aneurysms, but said filming ‘Game of Thrones’ ...

After undergoing surgery for a second aneurysm in 2013, the "Game of Thrones" actor was concerned that she wouldn't act again.
YouTube TV learned my favorite teams and would surface their games right at the top of the app when they were playing.

I tried YouTube’s live TV streaming service for one month and I’ll likely stick around — but just for the sports

YouTube TV is available nationwide and offers viewers in most local markets access to the major networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox.
Jordan Peele's "The Twilight Zone"

The 5 most anticipated new TV shows premiering in April

The most anticipated new TV shows of April include CBS All Access' "The Twilight Zone" reboot from Jordan Peele and The CW's "In the Dark."
Zion Williamson has been the biggest story in college basketball all season.

CBS hired a special cameraman to work the ‘Zion Cam’ and record every move the Duke star makes in his NCAA tournament run

Zion Williamson has been the biggest story in college basketball all season, and now March Madness viewers will have a chance to see his every move.
Kaley Cuoco is Penny on "The Big Bang Theory."

Kaley Cuoco was originally rejected from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ because she was too young

The actress, who plays Penny on the CBS show, auditioned for a character named Katie but wasn't cast on the original pilot because of age.
Gordon Ramsay and Piper Perabo appear on "The Late Late Show with James Corden."

Gordon Ramsay says he would fire a waiter on the spot if they spilled a drink on a customer

Gordon Ramsay, whose flagship restaurant has three Michelin stars, appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" with Piper Perabo.
James Corden pranked David Beckham on "The Late Late Show."

James Corden pulled an elaborate prank on David Beckham, and the athlete completely fell for it

On CBS' "The Late Late Show," the host shared the video of the prank, which involved giving the athlete an unflattering, fake statue.