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This three-screen laptop is like nothing we’ve seen before

Leave it to Razer to introduce the world to the insane-looking three-screen laptop.

The Twitter exec in charge of making advertisers spend money explains what he is saying to clients right now

Twitter has sussed out its story to marketers and is doubling down on video and analytics.

Blackberry is quietly trying to make a comeback — but not with phones

Blackberry is trying to get a slice of the self-driving car industry with its QNX Operating System.

Now is the the worst time to buy a new laptop

There are a lot of interesting laptop options, but none of them are ideal.

9 gadgets I saw at the biggest tech show of the year that you might actually want

There was no shortage of goofy gadgets at this most recent CES, but a handful managed to be practical. Here were our favorites.

All the most important car tech that came out of CES 2017

Automakers once again made a big splash at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

A gaming company known for wild hardware concepts says two new prototypes were stolen in Las Vegas last week

Razer, a company known for making gorgeous and expensive hardware, had two prototypes stolen during the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas.

This three-screen laptop is both amazing and ridiculous

Leave it to the annual Consumer Electronics Show to introduce the world to the insane-looking three-screen laptop.

This futuristic concept car is a garden on wheels

The Rinspeed Oasis concept car that will debut at CES is very futuristic. It comes with a Tinder-like app for choosing which passengers to ride with.