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74% of Americans believe smartphone addiction is a problem that should be solved by consumers — not tech companies or the government

Most Americans believe consumers are to blame for smartphone addiction. Only a tenth of the 2,200 adults surveyed by Morning Consult believe tech companies are responsible.

Instagram is taking on YouTube now that more people are watching long-form videos online

Instagram announced its new in-app long-form video feature on the same day as it revealed that its photo-sharing application has reached 1 billion users. IGTV won't have ads to start, but that's "obviously a very reasonable place to end up," so creators can be paid, says CEO Kevin Systrom.

The internet is projected to surpass TV in 2019 as people’s favorite source of media

The gap between minutes spent watching TV and minutes on the internet has long been narrowing for individual consumers, but it's going to close in 2019, according to data from a digital media company, and the total number of minutes continues to increase.
Stock traders wearing Y2K glasses celebrate at the last trading day 1999, where closed up with the historic record of 17,091 points, in the floor of Sao Paulo's Stock Exchange, December 30.

The world’s hottest tech companies are now worth more than $5 trillion, and they could be pointing out the next big bubble

The most prominent US and Chinese tech stocks — including Facebook and Amazon — are worth more, by market cap, than the stock markets of the eurozone and Japan. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has cited this size as a reason investors should reduce their exposure to tech stocks.

A third of Americans say they’ve listened to a podcast in the last month

More than a third of the 2,000 international respondents in a report conducted by the Reuters Institute said that they had listened to a podcast in the month leading up to the survey — proportionate to the number of US respondents who said the same.

Nintendo fans can breathe easy: The company’s business model relies too heavily on its handheld consoles to nix them

After Nintendo's presentation at the Electronics Entertainment Expo, fans feared that the absence of the 3DS meant the company was doing away with its popular portable console. But the numbers and the company's president say otherwise.

The mysterious trader known as ’50 Cent’ appears to be back betting on more stock market chaos

The mysterious volatility trader known as "50 Cent" appears to have made some new bets this week that the stock market will go nuts over the summer. The trades match a growing sentiment across Wall Street that the stock market could be in for a rocky ride over the next few months.

Immigrants founded and co-founded half of all the billion-dollar startups in 2016, creating over 33,000 jobs

The Department of Homeland Security filed a proposal that would rescind a rule allowing immigrant founders the opportunity to stay in the country a few years longer, and experts believe this will decrease the amount of jobs available rather than open jobs up for Americans.

Tesla added twice as many employees in 2018 as it now plans to cut

Tesla CEO Elon Musk insisted that the company wasn't in need of additional cash, but the layoffs show that the company is at least becoming more frugal with its spending.

Americans spent a record $36 billion on video games last year, and demographics show that number is expected to go up in 2018

This week, thousands of video and computer game enthusiasts are going to the Electronic Entertainment Expo to see what's new in gaming — an industry that supports 200,000 jobs, made $36 billion from Americans alone, and attracts a variety of consumers.