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Kraft Mac & Cheese was first produced in 1937.

10 things you didn’t know about Kraft boxed macaroni and cheese

Kraft Mac & Cheese is called different things around the world, including "cheesy mac" and simply "KD."
Shake Shack has revealed how to make its popular cheese sauce.

Shake Shack has released the recipe for its fan-favorite cheese sauce so you can make it at home

The popular cheese sauce takes just 30 minutes to make, and you can slather it over pretty much anything.
Ranjan Roy and his friend expected Doordash to catch onto them at any moment. Doordash never did.

A restaurant owner made hundreds by ordering his own pizzas through Doordash after discovering the platform had created a listing selling its pizzas f...

After he found a rogue Doordash listing for his restaurant, a restaurateur made $75 per order by buying $160 orders of dough-only pizzas from himself.
Customers, wearing protective facemasks, queue at the cheese counter in order to be served behind a transparent plastic curtain at a covered market in Le Perreux-sur-Marne on April 19, 2020 on the 34th day of a strict lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID-19, (the novel coronavirus).

5,000 tons of French cheese are at risk of going to waste amid the coronavirus pandemic as demand sinks

French dairy farmers are dealing with a surplus of cheese because the demand for cheese dropped nearly 60% during the pandemic.
The French are denying themselves pleasures like baked camembert during the coronavirus pandemic.

French people are being told it’s their ‘patriotic duty’ to eat more cheese after sales have slumped

The industry has launched a campaign to encourage French people to eat more cheese — it's called "Fromagissons," which means "Let's act for cheese."
People stuck at home are turning to this classic Korean ramen hack for flavor and comfort.

I tried the ramen and American cheese recipe that Twitter is obsessed with, and now I’m a true believer

Kraft single + Shin Ramyun = magic. American cheese and ramen is a combination that Koreans have gifted the rest of us.
Macaroni and cheese can be transformed into many different dishes.

8 hacks to take boxed mac and cheese to the next level

Boxed macaroni and cheese is nostalgic, but there are simple ways to transform the cheap and easy meal into a fancier and tastier dish.
Peeling carrots wastes time and nutrients.

16 foods you’re probably slicing, peeling, and cutting all wrong

Make the most of your ingredients and meals by following these expert-approved tips on the best and worst ways to prepare food.
These ravioli were the most flavorful and their large size made them filling as well.

I tried 7 kinds of store-bought cheese ravioli and Rana’s easily came out on top

One of Insider's food reporters rounded up seven cheese ravioli brands — both fresh and frozen — to determine which store-bought pasta was best.
I tried Rogue River Blue, the first American cheese to be crowned the best cheese in the world.

I tried the world’s best cheese — the first to be made in the US — and it tasted like a great glass of red wine

Rogue River Blue is made in Oregon and covered with edible leaves soaked in pear liqueur. And it's delicious.