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The artist Cosimo Cavallaro is building a border wall out of cotija cheese.

A California artist is building a 6-foot-high border wall out of cotija cheese and wants to ‘make America grate again’

Cosimo Cavallaro has already raised enough money to make a six-foot-tall, 25-foot-long border wall out of 200 blocks of cheese.

Chick-fil-A sells a cheese dipping sauce in certain parts of America — here’s what the rare side tastes like

Chick-fil-A sells a goopy, creamy cheese sauce to go along with fries and nuggets in some states. Here's what it tastes like.
Raclette is sometimes melted over pasta dishes.

10 of the best cheeses for snacking and cooking, according to chefs and cheesemongers

From Raclette to Parmigiano-Reggiano, here are some of the best cheeses for snacking on and cooking with, according to chefs and cheesemongers.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s are leaning into free bacon while the trade war pushes pork prices to their lowest point in a decade — but bo...

McDonald's and Wendy's have both leaned into bacon-heavy dishes as tariffs and other factors push pork prices lower.
Two of the new cheeses at Aldi come in heart-shaped packaging.

Aldi is selling heart-shaped and chocolate-flavored cheeses for Valentine’s Day

Aldi is selling heart-shaped cheeses and chocolate-flavored cheeses in honor of Valentine's Day. Here's when you can get these limited-edition treats.
Costco has the perfect wedding cake for cheese lovers.

Costco is selling a 24-pound cheese ‘wedding cake’ that can feed more than 100 people for $440

Costco is selling a "wedding cake" that consists of roughly 24 pounds of cheese. The purchase averages out to spending $18.33 per pound of cheese.
European wines are now cheaper in Japan.

Tokyo shoppers get big bargains on French and Italian wine on Day 1 of ‘cars-for-cheese’ trade pact

The largest ever bilateral trade deal kicks in on Friday, eliminating almost all tariffs between economies that make up about a third of global GDP.
Things like meat, cheese, and wine often taste better with age.

8 foods and drinks that get better with age

Many products actually get better with time. A professional chef revealed to INSIDER the eight foods and drinks that get better with age.
With a few swaps, pizza can be relatively healthy.

5 simple swaps for making pizza healthier

For those looking for a healthier way to enjoy pizza, there are some easy swaps to be made. Here's what you need to know.