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A "bring-your-own-table" restaurant is opening in London.

A London restaurant is offering a free 6-course Italian meal to anyone who brings their own table

The menu, created by celebrity Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, includes a cheesy potato and smoked pancetta traybake, lasagne, and summer berry tiramisu.
In-N-Out was a favorite.

What 14 chefs order at fast-food restaurants

Even the most high-end chefs cannot resist the allure of the fast-food drive-through. We asked chefs what they order when they get fast food.
Not all cake mixes are created equal.

The best boxed cake mix you can buy, according to chefs

INSIDER asked chefs from across the country what their favorite cake mix was. Here's what they had to say.
Some microwave dinners get chefs' thumbs ups.

21 of the best frozen foods, according to chefs

Frozen foods are convenient and popular. In fact, some are even chef-approved. We asked chefs to share their favorite frozen food.
Some chefs said their favorite NYC-based eateries serve up pizza.

16 chefs and restaurateurs share their favorite places to eat in NYC

From Mediterranean eateries to pizzerias, here are chefs' and restaurateurs' favorite restaurants to eat at in New York City.

13 chefs share their go-to cereals

One of the most popular breakfast foods is cereal and even chefs have a favorite. We asked these food experts which cereals they can't get enough of.
One chef's favorite comfort food is corned beef and cabbage.

15 chefs share their favorite comfort foods

From soba noodles to soup, these chefs shared their favorite, go-to comfort foods that they can't get enough of.
Some food should never touch the inside of a microwave.

9 foods that chefs never put in the microwave

Though microwaving food is quick and convenient, there are things that professional chefs would never cook that way — and recommend you don't either.
One chef said Greek yogurt is one of their grocery-store staples.

16 chefs share their favorite things to buy at the grocery store

We asked chefs about their favorite foods to buy at the grocery store. From eggs to sushi, here's what chefs always buy when shopping for groceries.

The chef behind Crystal Jade’s wonton mee has died, and the internet is helping to bring his ashes back from Hong Kong

His widow is still raising funds to pay for a space at a private columbarium "after drying up her savings for the five-figure deposit fees", KF Seetoh revealed.