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Breadtalk fined over S$16,000 for dumping oily wastewater into public sewers – but this isn’t the first time it’s been caught

Previously, the company had been slapped with six charges, totalling a fine of $19,000, for breaking the same law.

Johor gas poisoning victims now at 2,775, but PM Mahathir says the situation is ‘under control’

The PM said that the situation was not serious enough to evacuate residents in the area.

Johor has closed 111 schools over toxic gases from a polluted river – here’s the full timeline of what happened

A resident of Kampung Bukit Pulai said that the river had turned black, with dead fish and monitor lizards floating in the sludge.

China slaps anti-dumping duty on chemical from U.S., Japan

China will impose anti-dumping tariffs on imports of hydroiodic acid from the United States and Japan.