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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago says she has ‘serious questions’ about the national strategic stockpile needed to fight the coronavirus

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she's "fearful" President Donald Trump's response to the crisis will "come back to haunt us."
Penguins at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago got to go on a field trip to meet the Beluga whales after it closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The penguins who were let loose in a Chicago aquarium met Beluga whales, and it’s hard to tell who was more starstruck

The whales couldn't take their eyes off the penguins as they explored the empty Shedd Aquarium, which is currently closed to the public.
An air traffic control tower.

17 air traffic control centers have been temporarily closed after workers tested positive for coronavirus, highlighting a vulnerability in air travel

The spread of the novel coronavirus into FAA air traffic facilities has the ability to grind air travel in the US to a halt if not properly contained.

The best boutique hotels in Chicago

Many hotels call themselves "boutique" but we looked beyond marketing speak to identify Chicago's best boutique hotels. Our top picks infuse local flavor through art, amenities, and design.

Chicago will start renting more than 1,000 of its empty hotel rooms to house coronavirus patients or those awaiting test results

To free up hospital space and keep the hotel industry afloat during the coronavirus outbreak, Chicago will rent empty hotel rooms across the city.
Marie Newman, a progressive Democrat, is up for a Congressional seat in Illinois.

Meet Marie Newman, the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed progressive who won the Democratic primary bid for a congressional seat in Illinois

Marie Newman, the progressive newcomer, beat the 15-year incumbent Dan Lipinski on an abortion-rights access and healthcare-for-all platform.

The best hotels in Chicago

We selected the best hotels in Chicago for 2020 based on our reviews, research, plus pricing and ratings from sites such as Trip Advisor and Booking.com.
Shedd Aquarium is allowing its penguins to meet the other animals now that it's been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A Chicago aquarium is letting its penguins wander freely and meet the other animals after closing due to the coronavirus pandemic

The penguins toured the empty aquarium, looking in wonder as they met dolphins, stingrays, and red-bellied piranhas.

The five-star Peninsula Chicago is one of our pricier picks in the city but for good reason, with grand elegance, impeccable service, a perfect locati...

The Peninsula Chicago delivers everything you'd want in a luxury stay with spacious rooms, incredible service, and sophisticated offerings like afternoon tea and a posh spa.
Many Midwesterners say "pop" instead of "soda."

16 things you’re sure to find in the Midwest

The coasts may get a lot of attention in the US, but the Midwest has plenty to show off from national parks to delicacies like deep-dish pizza.