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Chicken and waffles became a popular after-show meal for jazz musicians during the Harlem Renaissance.

I ate chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s, the LA chain Obama and other celebrities love. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Roscoe's knows the secret to top-notch chicken and waffles is simply using the best of both ingredients.
In the last decade, fast-food brands came up with wacky ways to win back the hearts of customers.

These were the 14 biggest fast-food menu flops of the last decade

From the painfully bland to the nonsensically wacky, these are the biggest failures that fast-food chains released in the past decade.
Here are our thoughts on KFC's lineup of sweet, savory, and spicy new Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles meals.

We tried KFC’s new Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles and found it blows the regular version out of the water

KFC's new Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles meals land in stores for a limited time starting Monday, November 18.
KFC is offering chicken and waffles in three different varieties.

I tried KFC’s 3 new chicken and waffle dishes, and there was a clear winner

For a limited time, KFC is serving chicken tenders and fried chicken with waffles, as well as a sandwich with Belgian Liège-style waffle buns.