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A map showing some Belt and Road Initiative land routes that run through China's Xinjiang.

This map shows a trillion-dollar reason why China is oppressing more than a million Muslims

Beijing is persecuting the Uighur people of Xinjiang, which is located by many of routes along Xi Jinping's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.
Uighurs living in western China aren't allowed to communicate with people outside the country, even if they're family. Bahram Sintash (left) and Rushan Abbas (right), two Uighurs who are American citizens, say they can't contact their relatives.

Relatives of China’s oppressed Muslim minority are getting blocked online by their own family members, who are terrified to even tell them how b...

In Xinjiang, communicating with people outside the country is deemed and offense. INSIDER spoke to Uighurs abroad whose relatives are missing.
Uighur men pray before a meal during the Corban Festival, also known as Eid al-Adha, in Turpan, Xinjiang, in September 2016.

The mystery of a Muslim poet who may or may not be dead in a Chinese detention camp is at the center of a diplomatic crisis between China and Turkey

Turkey said Abdurehim Heyit had died in a Chinese detention camp for Uighur Muslims. Then Beijing published a tape appearing to show Heyit was alive.
This composite image shows four-year-old son Abduleziz Tohti, (left) and his father Abdurahman Tohti (right). Tohti lost contact with his family in August 2016 after they visited Xinjiang, one of the most surveilled places on earth. He suddenly found Abduleziz in a video inside what looked like a state orphanage in January 2019.

This man’s family vanished in China’s most oppressed region. Last month he saw his son for the first time in 2 years, in a Chinese propaga...

Abdurahman Tohti hasn't seen his family since they got on a plane to Xinjiang, a region where China is harshly cracking down on the Uighur minority.
A composite image of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistan abruptly stopped calling out China’s mass oppression of Muslims. Critics say Beijing bought its silence

Chinese authorities are accused of arbitrarily imprisoning Uighurs in prison-like camps and making them renounce their religion.
Ethnic Uighur men in a tea house in Kashgar, Xinjiang, in July 2017.

US clothing company cuts ties with Chinese factory that reportedly used forced labor to make college sportswear

The Associated Press reported last month that a Chinese clothing factory used cheap or free labor from interned Uighurs.
A police officer stands guard to maintain traffic safety at the site of the New Year's Eve stampede in Shanghai on January 3, 2015

China rounded up 100 Christians in coordinated raids and banned people from talking about it on social media

Beijing is hugely cracking down on religious groups that refuse to be controlled by the state.
Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Jailing Muslims, burning Bibles, and forcing monks to wave the national flag: How Xi Jinping is attacking religion in China

The officially atheist Chinese Communist Party disapproves of all kinds of grassroots organizations as they are seen to undermine its grip on power.
Screenshot from footage by Bitter Winter magazine purporting to show the inside of Yingye'er camp in Xinjiang, designed for China's Uighur Muslim minority.

Shocking footage purportedly shows cells inside prison camp where China oppresses Muslim minority

Bitter Winter, a magazine that reports on human rights in China, published a series of clips inside a camp in Yingye'er, Xinjiang, on Monday.
The government of Chinese President Xi Jinping, pictured here in October 2017, has been waging a new crackdown on student communists.

China is holding a renegade official’s family hostage to pressure him to come back

The estranged wife and children of Liu Changming, who is accused of bank fraud, have been trapped in China since June, The New York Times reported.