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China misreads Singapore’s cultural norms as Chinese-centric, Beijing academic says

China's outdated perception of the Singaporean Chinese population has resulted in the view that “blood is thicker than water”.

[PHOTOS] Police wallop people in train, protesters bash MTR stations: here’s a rundown of Hong Kong’s violent weekend

After a weekend of havoc, China has warned that "the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt Hong Kong and antagonise China".

Movenpick hotel apologises for putting Hong Kong singer Karen Mok’s dirty sheets up for sale

The offer by Movenpick read: “Goddess Mok has left Enshi but her room is still here with lingering warmth and smell.”

Singapore is the 11th most-surveilled city in the world – but it doesn’t even come close to China: Report

There are an estimated 15.25 cameras per 1,000 people in Singapore - a far cry from Chongqing's 168.03 cameras per 1,000 people.

Chinese eco park forced to stay shut after tourists strip away all its lotus flowers

The Sichuan attraction was due to reopen for the summer but managers decided there was no point after it was stripped bare of its most celebrated feature.

McDonald’s sells ‘youtiao’ in the US: New Donut Sticks almost identical to traditional dough sticks, Chinese say

Without the sugar topping, the similarity in taste of a McDonald's Donut Stick to a Chinese youtiao goes up to "95 per cent".

‘Farewell, so long’: Video of Taiwanese TV host’s assisted suicide fires up euthanasia debate

He collapsed in his son's arms as his family clapped and sobbed.