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China's new tech focused Star Market exchange launched today

China just launched its own Nasdaq for local tech IPOs and one stock soared more than 500%

China hopes the new equities market will encourage more domestic investment as well as encourage Chinese businesses to list at home.
China's stock markets are soaring.

Stock markets are soaring after Trump delays tariffs on Chinese goods

President Donald Trump's tweet about "substantial progress" on trade talks helped send one Chinese index to its best one-day surge since July 2015.

Global stocks bounce after Trump’s softening stance on trade war ‘music to the ears of the market’

Trump said that he could see letting the March 1 deadline for reaching a China trade deal "slide for a little while," if both sides were near a deal.

Chinese stocks were the worst on Earth in 2018, losing 27% — here’s why

The CSI 300, China's benchmark share index, finished trading for the year on Friday, December 28, and at its close had lost 27% of its value.

The $600 billion reason why China’s stock market crash might get a whole lot worse

Fears of a slowing economy, rising debts and the impact of US President Donald Trump's trade war have all played a role in pushing the Chinese market lower. But there's another factor at play.

Global stock market sell-off resumes as Saudi sanction fears push oil higher

Asian stock indexes lost as much as 1.9% in Monday's session, while European stocks nursed small falls in the first hours of trade.

China just took a left hook to its self-esteem

China's government really wanted the country's stock market — the A-share market — to be included in a very special club.

A crucial part of China’s economy is turning into a dumping ground

So China has been playing with a bunch of ways to shrink those companies down and recycle their debt into something useful for the economy — eventually.

Another huge bank heist in China is a warning that we’re about to see its stock market get wild again

Over $120 million in bank notes went missing from the Bank of Tianjin, a Chinese bank that was just listed on Hong Kong's stock exchange a few days before.

China is trying to make a huge industrial shift that could have disastrous consequences

Industrial unrest is anathema to China's Communist Party, but a large-scale industrial shift may spark more of it.