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The CIA Memorial Wall at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

The CIA falsely believed it was ‘invincible’ in China — here’s how its spies were reportedly discovered in one of the biggest ...

The CIA's 'throwaway' encrypted communications program was reportedly assumed to be untraceable.

The US sanctioned Chinese and Russian entities for helping North Korea cash in on its billion-dollar smuggling schemes

The US sanctioned Chinese and a Russian entities on Thursday for helping service the illegal cigarette and alcohol trade in North Korea. According to the US Treasury, North Korea's cigarette smuggling has reportedly netted the Kim regime over $1 billion.
A photo of Earth and the far side of the moon.

China says it will launch 2 robots to the far side of the moon in December on an unprecedented lunar exploration mission

China said on Wednesday that it plans to launch its Chang'e-4 mission to the far side of the moon in December. The mission's rover and lander aim to study the geology and chemistry of an ancient impact site and explore to possibility of building a sensitive deep-space radio telescope.

Chinese internet stocks are getting slammed after Tencent’s profit drops for the first time in almost 13 years

Chinese tech stocks slid Wednesday on US stock markets after Tencent disappointed investors with a surprise 2% drop in second-quarter net profit, its first decline in nearly 13 years.

China appears to be compiling a massive database of its Muslim citizens abroad to keep close tabs on them

China is creating a global registry of all its ethnic minority Uighur Muslims abroad, according to several recent reports. Authorities are reportedly obtaining personal information from its overseas residents, and threatening their families if they do not comply.

The US Navy just got the green light to stick it to China with game-changing new missiles

The US used to have missiles for long-range ship-sinking but abandoned them at the end of the Cold War. The new spending bill marks their return — and the return to preparing for fights with big navies.
Members of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, Japan's first marine unit since World War Two, at a ceremony activating the brigade at JGSDF's Camp Ainoura in Sasebo, on the southwest island of Kyushu, April 7, 2018.

Japan activated an elite marine unit for the first time since World War II to counter China — and it’s getting ready for its first naval e...

The decision to reactivate the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade was a contentious one, as it gave Japan's Self-Defense Force the ability to land in enemy territory. Such concerns are balanced against worries over China's increasingly assertive actions in the region.
President Donald Trump

A new study shows Trump’s trade war probably won’t achieve one of its biggest goals

President Donald Trump's tariffs won't help him bring down the US trade deficit according to the New York Federal Reserve. The decline in imports will be made up by a roughly equal decline in exports according to a new study.

The US Air Force is ordering more hypersonic weapons just one week after China tested one of its own

The US Air Force is ordering more hypersonic weapons as the competition with Russia and China heats up. The Air Force's request comes just one week after China tested a new hypersonic strike platform that some experts believe could slip a nuke past US defenses.