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‘I wake up sobbing, I’m devastated’: Godfrey Gao’s close friend pens emotional tribute hours before wedding, where Gao was meant to ...

"Tomorrow’s my big day and you’re not here. I don’t know how this pain is gonna stop, realising I’m not gonna see you again," Mao wrote.

Fans and celebrities are reeling in shock after actor and model Godfrey Gao dies, aged 35

Since news of Gao's death broke, Chinese netizens have taken to Weibo to question the sometimes extreme lengths taken to secure viewership ratings.

Movenpick hotel apologises for putting Hong Kong singer Karen Mok’s dirty sheets up for sale

The offer by Movenpick read: “Goddess Mok has left Enshi but her room is still here with lingering warmth and smell.”

Angelababy, Jackie Chan and Jordan Chan among celebrities supporting the Chinese flag after a protester threw it into the sea

These are the Hong Kong celebrities who have spoken up in support of China's flag.