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Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy warships and fighter jets during a military display in the South China Sea.

China’s recruiting a lot more flattop fighter pilots — another sign China has big plans for its aircraft carriers

China has one operational carrier, a second expected to enter service soon, and a third under construction. And, there may be more on the way.
Chinese navy warships and fighter jets during a military display in the South China Sea.

Satellite images show China building a big aircraft carrier believed to be its first modern flattop

Incredible satellite images show the ongoing construction of China's third aircraft carrier, which will likely be the country's first modern flattop.

This new Defense Department map shows how China says one thing and does another with its military operations at sea

China has made sweeping and debunked claims over the water and land in the South China Sea, but its military operations abroad reflect a double standard, and other countries are pushing back.

China parades aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines through the South China Sea in a massive show of force

Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over China's largest-ever naval parade in the South China Sea on Thursday.

It looks like China is about to test a futuristic railgun as the US Navy puts the brakes on its $500 million program

Photos have been circulating on social media that show a Chinese ship with what could be a prototype railgun on its bow.

The US military is worried about China building overseas bases right next to their own

China is nearing completion on a base in Djibouti, and observers believe it may be the latest link in a chain of military assets and partnerships in the region.

China is building a new base in Africa that creates ‘significant operational security’ issues for the US military

Beijing will soon open a "logistical support" base not far from an important US facility in Djibouti, on the East African coast.

China has commissioned its newest guided-missile destroyer

The Yichuan, at more than 150 meters long and nearly 20 meters wide, has an estimated load displacement of 7,000 tons.