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Chipotle burrito.

Here comes Chipotle…

Chipotle is set to report fourth-quarter earnings after Wednesday's closing bell.

Chipotle slides following report of customers getting ill at an Ohio restaurant

Chipotle's stock is getting hit Tuesday after more than 170 people reported getting sick after eating at a restaurant in Powell, Ohio. This year, however, the stock has soared 61% on optimism that the new CEO can sustain sales growth, following a slump caused by multiple illness outbreaks.

Chipotle’s potential breakfast push could be a costly mistake

Chipotle is exploring offering breakfast, but that may hurt margins, Oppenheimer analysts say.

BERNSTEIN: These 2 fast-food companies are being overlooked by Wall Street

Chipotle and Yum Brands are "undervalued," according to a Bernstein analyst.

BERNSTEIN: Here are the easiest places for Chipotle to begin its turnaround

Bernstein laid out where it believes are the easiest places for the company to begin its turnaround, beginning with marketing and innovation.
Chipotle has added nearly $2 billion in market value since announcing a new CEO

Chipotle has added nearly $2 billion in value since announcing a new CEO

Coupled with a new menu item, the chain has added almost $2 billion in book value in less than a week.

Wall Street is fawning over Chipotle’s new CEO — but he’s got his work cut out for him

The struggling stock got a big boost, but the new boss will have plenty of work to do.

Chipotle pops after naming Taco Bell CEO as new head boss

43-year-old Brian Niccol will take over as Chipotle's CEO on March 5.

Chipotle tumbles after announcing it will spend $40 million on store upgrades and employee bonuses

The chain said it would invest $40-$50 million in store upgrades and employee bonuses.

Chipotle pops on earnings report that beats Wall Street expectations

The chain beat analyst expectations for earnings per share and same-store sales.