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A number of Mark Zuckerberg's closest lieutenants have left the company.

14 of the most important early Facebook employees — and where they are now

Chris Cox, a key Facebook exec, is leaving the company. Here's a look at where the 13 most important Facebook employees in history are now.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A red flag in a Facebook exec’s goodbye letter shows there’s bad blood over Mark Zuckerberg’s radical privacy plan

Facebook on Thursday announced that its chief product officer, Chris Cox, and Chris Daniels, the head of WhatsApp, were leaving the company.
Facebook's chief product officer Chris Cox and CMO Antonio Lucio.

Facebook has hired a new CMO to try and repair its image after its scandal-filled year

Antonio Lucio previously worked at HP, Visa, and Pepsi — and now he's diving into Facebook as its new CMO.

Facebook exec says the company is like Craigslist for people in Indonesia

Chris Cox spoke on stage at The Wall Street Journal's WSDJ Live event.