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Only 2 of Facebook’s earliest employees stayed at the company — here’s what Facebook’s first 20 employees are up to now

Facebook launched 16 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Here's where the company's first 20 employees ended up.
It's a concept he picked up from Steve Jobs.

Salesforce billionaire Marc Benioff says Facebook should be broken up: ‘They’re after your kids’

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Marc Benioff launched a stinging critique of Facebook and called for it to be "broken up."

12 former Facebook insiders who ditched the company and are now outspoken critics

Cofounder Chris Hughes thinks Facebook should be broken up. Founding President Sean Parker worries what the platform is doing to kids' brains.
Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, listens to a question at the Charles Schwab IMPACT 2010 conference in Boston, Massachusetts October 28, 2010.

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes is reportedly talking to the US government about how to break up Facebook

Chris Hughes, who famously wrote an op-ed saying Facebook should be broken up, has become an outspoken critic of his former employer.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Want to get rid of Facebook for good? Here’s how to do it.

Between user privacy issues and political scandals, many people are looking to break up with Facebook — for good. Follow this guide and you can too.

The 23 most powerful LGBTQ+ people in tech

There are LGBTQ+ identifying individuals in prominent roles at VC firms, startups, and large companies like IBM and Microsoft.

40% of Americans support antitrust action against Facebook after a cofounder called for it to be broken up

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes thinks the company needs to be broken up. Huge numbers of Americans agree.
Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes called for the social media giant to be broken into three companies in a recent op-ed.

People pushing to break up Facebook are overlooking one problem: It could bring back ‘growth hacking’

Breaking up Facebook would push social media back into a bad habit from the old days: growth hacking.
Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes

The story of Chris Hughes, who made a fortune by helping Mark Zuckerberg create Facebook, but now thinks it should be broken up

Even though Facebook is one of the most popular and notable companies in the world, cofounder Chris Hughes is a relatively unknown name.

Why breaking up Facebook is actually a terrible idea

The real solution is a lot harder to do, but one that another CEO in Silicon Valley is already working on.