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Navigating your family can be a midfield.

3 ways to deal with invasive questions when you’re single during the holidays

The holidays can be a tough time when you're single. But with these tips, you can answer their most probing questions with grace.
The version of Santa Claus most Americans know.

Here’s what Santa Claus looks like in 13 countries around the world

From the traditional jolly Santa Claus and Father Christmas to the female Christkind, mythical beings at Yuletide take many forms.
A plate of star-studded homemade cookies.

We tried 3 celebrity Christmas cookie recipes and had a clear favorite

We tried out holiday cookie recipes from "Christmas queen" Mariah Carey, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift to see which one was the best.
Decorating the Christmas tree is common tradition around the world.

The fascinating history behind 11 common Christmas traditions

Why do we kiss under mistletoe? What's up with the Christmas Pickle? These are the stories behind some of your favorite Christmas traditions.
Christmastime at Disney World.

15 reasons why we’re obsessed with Christmas — and why you should be too

From enjoying the festive music and movies to donning ugly holiday sweaters, Christmas really IS the most wonderful time of the year.
Christmas dinner.

20 ways to make this the most festive Christmas ever

From decorating Christmas trees to sipping on hot chocolate in your pajamas, there are a slew of Christmas traditions you shouldn't miss out on.
Love it or hate it, fruitcake is here to stay.

People love to hate on fruitcake and yet we still eat it — here’s why it remains a holiday staple

Love it or hate it, fruitcake is a tradition that's remained popular over the years. Here's why the dessert is still a holiday staple.

10 Christmas cocktails from around the world that you should try this year

From Swedish Glögg to the Scottish hot toddy, these are the best holiday cocktails from around the world to add to your Christmas menu.
First Lady Melania Trump marvels at the newly decorated White House.

The Trump White House is about to be all decked out for Christmas — see what it looked like last year

The White House was in full regalia for the holidays 2017, and photos show the Christmas decorations inside the "People's House". Take a look.
The gang's all here onboard Disney's cruise lines.

21 photos that show why everyone should go to Disney during the holidays

These festive photos show what it's like to celebrate the holidays at the most magical place on Earth, Disney.