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Google Smart Lock refers to three different programs on different devices.

‘What is Google Smart Lock?’: A guide to Google’s feature for Android phones, Chromebooks, and passwords in general

Google Smart Lock refers to three different programs. Here's what Google Smart Lock does for Android devices, Chromebooks, and passwords in general.

I can blog, stream video, and surf the web from anywhere with this compact $215 laptop

Though the Acer Chromebook lacks many of the whistles and bells of today’s fancier laptops, it gets the job done at a price that can’t be beat.

Teachers love Google’s education products but are suspicious. Why is a megacorporation giving them a perfect tool for free?

The software is completely free and Chromebooks are deeply discounted for classrooms.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Here’s everything we expect Google to announce at its biggest hardware event of the year

Google is hosting an event on Tuesday where it's expected to announce all its new hardware. Based on reports, rumors, and leaks, we're expecting Google to announce at least seven new pieces of hardware.
A student tries out the Lenovo 300e, a $299 PC for the classroom that folds into a tablet.

Google has conquered American classrooms — now Microsoft is striking back with cheap PCs and a Minecraft upgrade

It's Windows 10 versus Google Chrome OS in an all-out fight for the education market.

Here are the companies that top the worldwide PC market today

HP and Dell are on the up. Everyone else? Not so much.

Google is dominating Apple in the classroom

A new report finds Google Chrome OS and Google Chromebooks outshine Apple by a significant margin in US schools.

Microsoft’s Windows boss explains why the time is right to conquer Google in the classroom

Microsoft's Terry Myerson and Yusuf Mehdi sound off on why the new Windows 10 S is the right operating system at the right time.